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Is a red zone state for Coben 19 cases, according to the White House Corona virus Task Force. I'm Beth Myers in the news Radio. 1000 Katie. Okay news center. The White House Corona Virus Task force is recommending that reopening measures in Oklahoma be rolled back. Here's Margot Murano. Oklahoma is one of 18 so called Red Zone states, where the White House Corona Virus Task force is recommending that reopening measures be rolled back because of surging Corona virus cases. In an unpublished report, dated July 14th obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, the task force recommends that residents in red Zone state to be required to wear masks and bars and Jim should be closed. It also recommends limiting social gatherings to 10 people or fewer, and it has been a marathon Oklahoma City Council meeting with only one item on the agenda. A mask ordinance, the Oklahoma City Council began a virtual meeting at one o'clock this afternoon. And they're still at it right now. They're hearing comments from the public to of the council members James Greiner and Larry Makati have already said that they are going to vote against the ordinance. The U. S. Census Bureau says Oklahoma falls below the national rate when it comes to people responding to the 2020 census. The national rate is 62%. Oklahoma's rate is 56.3%. No. If you don't respond to the census, a census taker will be sent to your residents to get your information. Proponents of ST Question 8 10 have withdrawn their initiative petition. Now. This is the state question that sought to take away redistricting power from the Legislature and instead give it to a citizen's commission that would redraw legislative and congressional boundaries. Andy more with the group people, not politicians, says the petition was withdrawn because of what he calls unnecessary lawsuits by politicians and delays due to the cove in 19 pandemic. He says it would not have made the ballot this year, so they decided to withdraw the state question. He says the fight for fair maps on Oklahoma, though, is far from over. The 1600 bed private prison and Cushing is closing for good course. Civic says it is closing the prison to help the Oklahoma Department of Corrections with a budget shortfall. The prison employees 290 people. Now, the state Department of Corrections says it offered to decrease beds in each of the states three private prisons to allow them all to remain open. But it says course civic chose to close the prison in Cushing. Horsedick has another prison and Holden Ville D O. C. Says inmates and Cushing will be moved to other beds and other prisons Course. Civic says it will provide assistance to employees impacted by the closure. McAllister woman is jailed for allegedly trying to cut off the head of the man she was living with the McAllister newspaper says 30 year old Crystal Hayworth has been charged with first degree murder. For the death of 57 year old Leonard broke shoulder who was found dead on Wednesday. Inside a resident's, the paper says Hayworth went to the Pittsburgh County Sheriff's office after the attack. She was covered in blood. She reportedly confessed that she planned to marry, broke shoulder, kill him and take all of his property and a fatal shooting in northeast Oklahoma City had happened yesterday, Police responded to a house and found 39 year old Blake Shahristani shot to death. They believe he got into an argument with another person and was killed. The gunman fled from the scene from the Katie. Okay. Weather Center. And for Warren Storm team.

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