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Hello and welcome the CONSCIO- on the box media podcast network. This is an exciting episode of Redo but it's one of my favorite artists. The first episode we taped was obliterated by two not one, but two according failures one in the main recording, and then a secondary one in the backup recording and Luckily, we're able to do it again and I will tell you as good as the first one was the second one was even better some God. This is when we get to release Hannah Gadsby is on Australian comedian she was behind remarkable netflix special. The net just resigned brought out on a new one called Douglas. Nets. A piece of art that actually means a lot to me. It's one of those pieces of art people tell you you engage with things. You can maybe get a glimpse a little glimpse of what it is like to live with someone else in the world. And the net did that for me I think it's a beautiful beautiful piece of work and it's also just like its structure I. Remember my jaw has dropping as it unfurled towards the end. Of Her most recent special is Douglas which is about the way she thinks has received a diagnosis of autism, a couple of years back, and that is a contextualized parts of her life for her..

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