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Already begun testing actually they've that they conducted one recently to have an effect in Taiwan I believe psychological effect a professor of the year slowing there are people who have had theories about the dams and all kinds of things regarding the slowing of the earth's anything on that I don't know about this more rapid solicitors has been slowing but it's it's a very low rate of some interval on prison time if you go back to the the Paleozoic era of the four hundred billion years ago we concur fossil corals and we certainly see that there were all of the day was shorter because you're the spinning faster back then we know that we have more days in the months we can count growth ring soon and we know this from this you can pretty well and pretty accurately calculate the rate is slowing I don't know off hand with regard to the Chinese of course every nuclear explosions can create an earthquake but not a catastrophic what we're doing again with a point source and and is a pretty big world and even on a curve balls of big things when they're encased in Turkey they create seismic effects but not anything that would create a a catastrophic earthquake you wouldn't want to drop one down the Hayward fault let it go that's definitely the case you could definitely wouldn't answer to why understanding the Chinese always have a sense of doing this in highly stable areas but again this is how our senses with the ball balls anyway yes that's right he's the Rockies you're on the air with professor ward not a lot of time.

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