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I took all of that money and dumped it into a brand new venture called gogel gear now what you have to understand about gogo gear is that number one it is a company that designs and manufactures protected calling for motorcycles woulda writers now i don't know a fucking thing about sewing and i at the time know anything about manufacturing i didn't know anything about fabric or technical anything when i regard what the hell i need a product that looks fashionable so that i can go out to those dinner is i'm no longer going to have and with i'm gonna just i'm just going to invent something and that's what i did i flew off to china uh by myself with nothing but my iphone translator and i went and visited seventeen different factories will span of three weeks big no chinese knowing nothing about manufacturing or selling and proceeded to develop a line of really awesome protective clothing though i have a business partner at the time who also lost her job uh in the reception was also in real estate development so we decided to do this business together though we did everything wrong and we'll el about it and then we keen to market with the product we had her first revenue event a march of two thousand ten and then the reception really hit that particular industry on in the span of uh probably eighteen months there had been eighteen thousand retail.

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