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The eagles here's KYW's Ed thank you After not wanting. To reveal who has starting quarterback would be on Sunday Doug Peterson reverse course on Monday at announce Nick foles would play against the falcons about the football. Team in the best interest of the fifty three nicks, rolls will be my starter. We denounce. It comes one day after Peterson confirmed Carson Wentz has not been cleared for contact and the coach did not give a timetable as to one once would be ready to play with the eagles I'm Ed Benkin KYW NewsRadio, bellies are down in Florida opening, six game road trip this afternoon I of three in. Miami against the Marlins and right now on the bottom of the. Second Phillies trail to fish three to one Philly struck first in. This one top of the second inning is dribble Cabrera's solo home run off Marlins starter Jose Rainha but Vince Velazquez couldn't wait to give. That lead back he's allowed three runs here in. The bottom of the second inning the first coming. Home on an RBI single by Miguel row house and then the Marlins just had a two run. Single to take. The lead So right now two outs. Runaround second bottom of the second inning Miami leads the, Phillies three to one Phillies. Seventy two. And sixty four started today four games behind first-place Atlanta and nationally Geest Billy's three and a half games back in, the wild card race on the baseball scoreboard the team Phillies are chasing in the National League east Atlanta, in action interleague action taking one, the Red Sox bottom of the second inning this game. Is scoreless elsewhere on the scoreboard in the National League top two. Cardinals lead the nationals two to one top of the first reds. And pirates are scoreless that.

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