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And financial privacy and financial sovereignty are just as if not even more important than all of those things, especially as we head deeper into the information age. I mean to underline an example, I gave you before today in Hong Kong, people still have the chance to use paper money to top public transportation, cards and two sim cards so that they can plug them into their phone and use telegram groups without. Closing their identity. They still have that option of using cash. They won't in five years or ten years. There won't be any paper money laughed. There's only eight percent of the world's daily transactions today, are our paper metal ninety two percent, and that's probably a conservative estimate of all the daily financial transactions in the world are digital, and that's only going to go towards zero as we as we had through the next decade. So we need private decentralized, money is very very, very important. Otherwise governments will be able to control their people in corporations will be able to, you know control people as well. So private decentralized money and I believe that ultimately these things can come together in the form of bitcoin and other projects will be a bulwark against authoritarianism, and the surveillance state. I think that's kind of obvious at this point. We're gonna discuss more about. North Korea and corporate villain stayed in when money initiative at all the things that we mentioned earlier, but first, a quick word from both me as well as our sponsors, will the world, follow friends, and advocate banning privacy coins will government government-backed stable coins become the new Fiat, or distributed, and peer-to-peer exchanges, just a flash in the pan, the answer is maybe virtual currencies can flourish and create a new private and more versatile economy..

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