Tornadoes leave a path of destruction in southern Plains


Two. There was a tornado swarm today in the southern plains approximately sixteen tornadoes broke out in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. CBS news correspondent, Omar Villafranca. A series of tornadoes struck the Great Plains debris drone footage shows a close up view of one tearing through farmland in sulphur, Oklahoma, ripping through trees and even taking a drink over a small lake. At least a dozen tornadoes have been confirmed striking. In four different states victim of five states are under a tornado watch the damage in rural areas in Oklahoma. She'll roofs ripped off homes torn apart and down power lines. Meanwhile, the severe weather has also triggered flash flood warnings. Rebecca, Nikki co owns a clothing store in Iowa. Grabbed what little possessions were handy and kind of ran in Davenport, Iowa, a Levy was breach along the Mississippi River, forcing thirties to issue a vacuum orders and seek higher ground here in Oklahoma City, they're bracing for the possibility of tornadoes hail and

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