Pressure On China To Agree To Trade Deal


Radio. Even though we have a lot of liquidity offline from may happy made if you are taking today off there still some selected assets that are trading and some important events to look ahead to US equity futures advancing then he had apples upbeat forecasts. Traders expecting lower volumes throughout the day. Then bit of movement coming through in terms of US equity futures higher. You've got a bit of movement on the ASX two hundred straight up about eight tenths of one percent. Other than that. It's pretty quiet on the equity side in terms of the handover overnight. We did have course, they Tekere innings more generally with apple but also a little bit of a well, it was a weight on the shoulders from Google corporate earnings and develop the trade conflict between the US and China remain front and center, that's for sure I mean, running through some of the currency pairs here. You're looking here the Bloomberg dollar index. That's just barely about the flat line here quiet on the Major's front. So I mean, pretty much all of these pairs unchanged. Eurodollar one twelve twenty Donnie in one hundred and eleven fifty and cable is up less than a tenth of one percent. Short of one thirty fifty five commodities are on the pressure a little bit. Brent crude Coney down six tenths of one percent. We have higher inventories out of the US and the initial data overnight. Gold is lower by three tenths of one percent. So the metals on the pressure let me run through some of the news as well. In terms of the corporate earnings because we are getting of course, quite a few fast and furious start off with Sainsbury's fiscal year revenue at twenty nine point zero one billion pounds. You're looking here at fiscal year sales of thirty two point four one billion pounds to final dividend. Shares going to be seven point nine Pence. Few notes on guidance year Sainsbury saying the consumer outlook continues to be uncertain and that they are well-placed to navigate the external environment. So that's on the Sainsbury's front more retail input from next currently first quarter retail sales coming through a negative three point six percent. The market was looking for actually more of a contraction here down six point two one percents of slightly better than some of the analysts had pencilled in. I go to online sales eleven point eight percents the estimate heroes for twelve point eight percent. And so a little bit of a little bit better on the retail sales. But a little bit short of estimates on the online sales on guidance. They're still seeing fiscal year pre-tax at seven hundred and fifty million pounds and still see full price sales at up one point seven percent. And then also on the economic front. We've got some UK April house prices. They're up zero point four percent on the month. That's the nationwide. Up zero point nine percent on the years that is some economic input as well. So that's a bit of a flavor then on what's happening with these corporate earnings. Let's get now to some of the stories we're watching very carefully starting off with what's happening with the United States and China. The White House is ramping up pressure on China to reach a trade deal in the next two weeks. Bloomberg daybreak Asia anchor Bryan Curtis has more from Hong Kong, the US said once again, he would walk away from the talks if no deal, Mick Mulvaney, President Trump's acting chief of staff said negotiations would not go on forever. So the administration is making its impatience known a slight shift from the earlier more optimistic messaging still going into talks today. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the US side had a nice working dinner last night with vice-president Leo hub, two of the quick notes. The F T says the US is likely to accept a watered-down commitment from China on security that to speed up a deal and. And Chinese regulators said today, both Chinese and foreign banks will no longer be subject to ownership caps on local banks Kong, Bryan Curtis. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. That means on world financial markets away. Today's Federal Reserve announcement on the US interest rates. Bloomberg's Michael Mckee has a preview. This fed meeting is widely expected to be a nun event except for that little possibility of a rate cut. No, not a policy cut to the fence target. But an adjustment to the rate of interest. The central Bank pays banks on excess reserves the effective federal funds rate traded a record five basis points above the excess reserves rate Tuesday most traders blamed technical rather than policy issues such as a rise in repo rates on other securities that suggests the fed doesn't need to do anything others note, though, it's been an ongoing problem and forecast a slight cut in the rake in Washington, Michael Mckee, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And as the central Bank meant to weigh monetary policy. Donald Trump sought to pressure the fed to make drastic moves to boost and already healthy US economy in a pair of tweets Tuesday. Trump criticized the fed for having incessantly lifted interest rates and wonderfully low inflation Colfer steep interest rate cut and the resumption of bond purchases as well. The thing with the theme. The president's comments came as another political drama swirled around the central Bank on Capitol Hill Trump's plan nomination. He recalls Stephen Moore to the fed sports looks increasingly uncertain as a third Republican Senator voices downs. The story from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. A key ally of the president told reporters that Moore would be quote, a very problematic nomination, though, he has not made up his mind. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa and Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama on Monday voice. Their own concerns about more a Heritage Foundation fellow and a former Trump campaign adviser Ernst the senate's fourth ranking Republican told reporters, quote, I am not enthused about what he has said in various articles later, Monday Shelby. The former chairman of the banking committee said he thought the proposed nomination, quote has some problems Charlie Pellett. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. That's something singing. Singapore where Mark Cranfield and markets live team joins us, Mark. Let's start off with the mlive question of the day. The fed odds in terms of the likelihood of a move very contradictory and not really in line with what we're seeing the job market. Yes. Good morning, certainly the market by some as strong as it's been since the nineteen sixties in the United States pretty healthy condition. We've also saying some pretty good wage growth as well. Even though it hasn't really fit injuring flation too much. So Fava certainly in the GDP data from Las week, as well already know the picture is pretty healthy economy. We go to started go to the payrolls not becoming up on Friday, and the fed will certainly be thinking about this as well because it probably reinforce this very strong picture of job market. So when you have that in the background certainly makes a bit curious as to why the mock is getting so excited about the polls. Not of the fed may take the opportunity to to try and rain the market back in a little bit and try and get them back more to a neutral territory because of that. Let's talk about the greenback. It's climbed against all but three of its group ten currency peers and twenty nineteen to folks at TD North America point out that any further strengthening any wheat test of some of those twenty eighteen is could mean trouble for stocks can be trouble for high your credit and currencies as well. More. Generally. You're seeing that dollar bears can return to hibernation after the FOMC run me through your thinking. Yeah. So we had a little bit of softness in the dollar towards the individual pro, and that's not unusual this month and maneuvering which goes on. And it's quite often the case where people are just have to tidy things up in the came off a little, but the fundamental case for is is pretty hard to ignore right now, particularly against the emerging market currencies. You've got short term rates in America, which are very high in comparison to other g ten currencies relatively high compared to the emerging market world. Plus as we were saying this pretty strong background of data from the United States. And they made it very. Clear it's on a long-term polls here. So he's not really going to be going anywhere. We've monetary policy at the same time. There's other countries that want to lower interest rates in in Asia. We've had India of moved already we've got to Malaysia looking at it, South Korea looking at it Philippines, Indonesia, they're all heading towards lower rates environment. So that certainly from an investor's point to you. They're probably thinking that the fed is beginning to look like a high yield currency here. So we could save it. If a rebound once the fed is out the way people start looking ahead to Friday's jobs report. It's always a pleasure catching up. Thank you for stopping buying. It's Mark Cranfield. Remember the for real time market commentary and analysis to markets. Lifelock. That's the only Bloomberg terminal. Let's get into some of the corporate news because apple their their numbers of projected quarterly sales top analysts estimates more from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. The reports suggest demand for iphones stabilized after a disappointing holiday period. The company also reported solid revenue. Growth from its services business as consumer sign up for a growing Schwartz board of digital subscriptions. Apple shares have surged more than forty percent from twenty one month low in early January after lacklustre iphone sales prompted the company to cut its holiday revenue forecast. So far this year. Apple is up twenty seven point two percent in New York. Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg daybreak Europe and do better as demand for all. The shares offered in its IPO just one day after kicked off throat show in London. That's according to people familiar with the matter, the ride hailing company will continue meeting potential buyers in New York and San Francisco as it seeks to raise as much as nine billion dollars right time now for the latest elsewhere in the world with Bloomberg's leeann guarantee, man. Good morning Yussef Kwun guidos gamble to take control. Venezuela appears to have flops the position need publicly called on the armed forces toback his attempts to oust nNcholas Maduro, but the military command. And state loyal to the president the US reiterated its support for quite, but it seems to have little effect. Japan has seen the first voluntary handy of the chrysanthemum throne in more than two hundred gays. Bloomberg's Crisan STI has this report from Tokyo Japan. Welcome to new emperor on Wednesday with hito acceding to the throne in a ceremony attended only by males symbolic, Hugh leader ushers in a new era Ray, or beautiful harmony, one of the emperor's first major tasks will be to entertain US President Donald Trump who arrives later this month for state visit interfere Chris Asti, Bloomberg daybreak. You're in the UK. There's around with a neighbor vets policy on another e referendum some of the party's MP's won't want an Olsen Kim stances, while others would prefer a better Brexit deal general election yesterday, the ponies governing buddy agreed to stick to its policy of simply keeping the option of another poll on the table it disappointed labor backbencher Mary Cray danger. We're trying to ride. To wholesalers on nicest. Theresa May has demonstrated over the last two years is that you end up leasing date. The country is looking to the labor party for leadership. They're looking to labour leader for leadership, and this may French police carrying out full, potentially violent protests across the country. Bloomberg's Caroline Conan reports for the first time the universe will join climate activists any traditional union marches, but as many as fifteen hundred black blocks anarchists are also expected in Paris. French president mccone came up with a new wave of reforms last tweak. The two-thirds of the French said they were not convinced in Paris, counting Kernen, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Cable news twenty four hours a day on air take takes on Twitter,.

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