28 million people to be affected by severe weather in central U.S.


The central part of the country has seen it's share of severe weather. Lately, including torrential rains and flooding. And so, two again, this weekend, the major problem tornadoes, CBS news correspondent Kenneth Craig with some of the specific areas. Hardest hit near Geronimo Oklahoma, the damage to some homes is substantial after a tornado touchdown early Saturday into suspected tornado. Also hit Abilene, Texas, tearing up homes, and businesses the next few days offer, little relief meteorologist, Jeff Barry deli has the forecast tonight, Saint Louis Little Rock under the gun for lightning thunder, and storms tomorrow. It's the Great Lakes, Ohio valley and eventually into the northeast. But as we turn our attention to Monday morning things get going really quickly early in the morning Amarillo liberal that all moves east towards Oklahoma City during the day, strong long track tornadoes are

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