Apple's Design Chief Jony Ive to Speak in Dublin With Stephen Fry This June

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Man, Stephen Fry and design guy, Johnny I we're getting together to discuss the life's work of one of them. You'll never guess which one apple insider says the men will meet at Ireland's dull key book festival to talk about some of FRY's. Best comedy. I'm kidding more. Maybe not called the object of language and the language of objects. The peace says the two will share wit and wisdom on a variety of subjects including iphone and other apple products as well as how they have helped change the world. Actually, apple insiders seems to see the abandoned sort of evenly divided given the title the P says it is likely that fries background in acting and writing will lend itself to the object of language section while I will handle the language of objects. Of course, the best way to find out is to go. Apple insider says the event cost thirty euro thirty three dollars and fifty cents per person with a maximum of two tickets per sale. It'll be held in. Dull key approximately thirty minutes from Dublin's city centre at the front marquee at six pm on Saturday the fifteenth of June.

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