House Judiciary to vote on holding Barr in contempt


The demand from House Democrats for version was nothing blacked out. Republicans like congressman Andy Biggs say it's overreached. Recreated Hobson choice. We said guess what? Mr. bar, either get held in contempt or violate federal law because that's just the way we do things judiciary committee. These days. Jared Halpern is live on Capitol Hill. The House Judiciary committee is planning to advance a contempt of congress, or as Aleutian against attorney general William bar for failing the too subpoenas deadline to hand over the full unredacted version of the Muller report, no person, and certainly not the top law enforcement officer in the country can be permitted to flout the will of congress and to defy valid subpoena. A committee chairman Jerrold Nadler's contempt resolution has been met by an assertion of executive privilege by President Trump. A Justice department letter. Says complying with the committee's request would be unlawful. Lisa Jared, different house committees till hoping to force the IRS to hand over the president's tax returns. But older returns have already been leaked to the media prompting the president to fire

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