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Get into some SpaceX and space station news. This mission was a couple days late. It was scheduled to take place on Wednesday. And then it slipped to Friday to give NASA some time to resolve some electrical issues that are on the international space station in the issue was a main bus. Switching unit. The m b s you which is a component of the ISS United States orbital segment electrical power system, and they got that all fixed up. So next thing that they was launched. This SpaceX falcon nine rocket with the capsule on top of it to take supplies to the international space station in in that capsule. The pressurize section had three thousand three hundred forty four pounds of equipment and supplies in further on in the unpressurised capsule. There's two thousand one hundred and twenty eight pounds so altogether. There's five thousand four hundred seventy two pounds that were launched on top of this rocket incentives to the international space station. The pressurized section of cargo head one thousand six hundred one pounds of scientific equipment and experiments, and

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