Cruise Lines Set Sights On Solo Travelers


This episode of business words daily is brought to you by central online from Pitney Bowes simple online makes it easy to save time and money. No matter what you ship or male. Try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale when you visit PBA dot com slash BW w daily. From wonder I'm David Brown. And this is business wars daily on this Thursday night once upon a time time not that long ago. It was a weird thing to take vacation alone. So though, travelers often felt stigmatized and even if they didn't it typically costs more to travel alone than as part of a couple. Well, the travel world is finally catching up to a trend. That's changed pretty quickly more and more of us are deciding to get away from everything and that means everyone to a full twenty five percent of millennials planned to take a solo trip in the next twelve to twenty four months, according to a recent study and data from Pinterest shows that searches on solo traveled shot up six hundred percent in twenty eighteen alone. According to British newspaper, the telegraph, clearly there are more and more solo travelers everywhere, including in places, you'd think would be the last welcome solitary adventures. Cruise ships cruising has been particularly difficult for single travellers like hotel, rooms cabins are price for double occupancy until recently a single traveller would have to pay what's called a single supplement. That's an additional charge of ten to one hundred percent intended to make up for the losses. Cruise lines incur when you travel so those single supplements can make taking a cruise prohibitively expensive. But in two thousand ten Norwegian cruise lines noticed an uptick of single travelers and decided to try catering to their smaller budgets. The company added studio sized cabins to its Norwegian epic ship that move made history reports Conde nast traveler magazine now at least five Norwegian cruise ships offer studios and not in paltry numbers either. There are eighty two rooms for one on the Norwegian escape and Norwegian bliss ships not to be outdone Royal Caribbean now offers studio state rooms on at least three of its ships. Quantum of the seas ovation of the season anthem of the seas. And they're priced without the dreaded single supplement other luxury. Cruise lines have followed from Canard which operates the Queen Mary two the river cruise specialist American cruise lines, but the trend is still young solo travelers will still spend as much as double for a cabin on many cruise ships so booking that relaxing, ocean-going vacation should be done very very carefully. But once you've secured that budget state room, there may be few things more lovely than several days at sea. Good book and Margarita in hand alone. From one this business wars daily. Hey, crews on over to wondering dot com slash survey palace. A little bit about yourself, would you? We'd love knowing who you are. We promise we'll give you some amount. Thanks for listening. I'm David Brown. Will see you tomorrow. This episode of business daily is brought to you by central online from Pitney Bowes with sin pro online from Pitney Bowes, you can send everything from packages two overnights letters without leaving your office right from your desk for his low as four dollars ninety nine cents per month, French shipping, labels and stamps from your own printer easily compare rates using send pros online software, get special USPS savings for letters and priority, mail shipping. Plus, you can track all of your shipments and get Email notifications when they've arrived. Try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale when you visit PBA dot com slash BWI. Ellie?

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