The best new music this week: Jamila Woods


Legacy. Days. How? Best every home. On them. Service. Hilton. Sick onto. Is. Bye. You everything Joan. So you. Never. Hugh. Sure is a lot of good music in the world. This one comes from Jamila woods her album legacy legacy, and the song is called Zora. She is a singer poet teacher, and activist and this is sort of a concept album for her. Yes. Every track is named after another hero or hero. Win of hers. All major figures in African American cultural history. Nikki Giovanni Sonia. Sanchez those are writers miles Davis Jean Michel Basquiat, the painter and in some ways so early into Jamila woods career is only our second full length album. This is a summation of her her mission, you know, because her work is very concerned with educating as you said with celebrating and steeping her listeners in the sensuality enjoy and power of this culture. You're the circuits really grand mission statement. And really it is a who I am and known largely as a collaborator chancellor apper chance to wrap. She's on macklemore. And Ryan she she has popped up as a featured guest bunch and has had collaborations go back and forth where people have appeared on hers, and it's a great session important moment right now for reclaiming these legacies. And I think her generation is very aware of the importance of that Jamila woods is the singer her new album is legacy legacy. We still have a few more elba's that we wanna play for this week's new

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