New Ways To Thwart Package 'Porch Pirates'

Dishin' Digital


Dish in digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority. We could see a rise in packages and porch pirates now that Amazon plans to offer one day shipping for prime customers. See nets Rick ROY does has Amazon has a new service designed to safeguard deliveries Amazon he allows for a couple of different options. One is delivery person actually is able to act us the electronic door lock in the front of your house to set the packages just inside your mind tour, if you have a smart garage door opener they can open your garage and put the package in there. Or if you have a car that has the right technology built into it. They can actually pop the trunk but the packaging for you is also a smart padlock called the box lock which you use the storage box. They use the box lock of stand the package, which makes the padlock open. And then they're able to put the balking sides and lock it up again. And you're all good. It sells for one hundred thirty dollars dishing digital. I'm Palmer, Dane. And there's more at WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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