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John Singleton, Director And Janet Jackson discussed on Lori and Julia


You know, yesterday, we knew that John singleton family was taking him off of life support. And of course, he is the director filmmaker first movie kind of his like a Cinderella story with his first success in Hollywood. And we'll let I think this use the today show audio really doesn't. His life all of those rare films both reflected and defined the times nineteen Ninety-one boys in the hood about three teenagers growing up during the drug and gang violence in south central LA, the movie critical and commercial hit giving a twenty minute standing ovation at the canned film festival. It's director John singleton who twenty four became the youngest and the first African American to be Oscar nominated for best director and best original screenplay. I think that I came along at the right time and moment in history. Singleton died Monday at fifty one his family taking him off life support. After suffering a stroke earlier this month this morning tributes pouring in for the groundbreaking director producer and screenwriter actor Samuel Jackson tweeting overnight he believes the trail for many young filmmakers rest in peace. Brother, gone way too soon. Janet Jackson posting you gave. Me my first movie role, my first Oscar nomination and so much more. I will miss you. John. Oh, and she was she was so great. That was I don't know if you ever saw that you might have your first baby Justice. Yeah. It was a good movie. And like here's a lot of like so boys in the hood. Not only had basically gave Cuba Gooding junior junior ice cube put them on the map. But Angela Bassett was in that movie. Lawrence Fishman Morris, chestnut, Regina king NIA long. And he. It was such a huge huge success because he wrote the screenplay and directed it. And he was so young. And right. You know, I think Spike Lee might have been like one of his instructors at UC at film school like that he took a that's how those two cross pair. But he he has production company new deal entertainment became the training ground, basically for young black executives and an obligatory. Stop for black music stars who wanted to have an acting career. So. That's how is cube ended up there right pack, and you know, I just didn't I didn't know really that much about him to be honest. This morning to access Hollywood and one of the young men on their talked about that got Evans. Yes. Got it. He just talked about how he remembers how impactful it was the first time. He's not boys in the hood hearing, people seem both spilling. They spoke in the neighborhood and black community. Yeah. And he had black storytelling that had never been told her before cinema, Shannon late and black narratives in the nineties, and they just needed that pioneering voice because it wasn't inclusive at all, and and just everything that he did and how well loved he was by everyone, and how family oriented, and I mean, he MARTINI and a green light for three movies in five years by the age of twenty six at Columbia, which at the time the studio chief was stewed by the name of Frank price who is a political conservative, but he believes strongly in John singleton's talent and family oriented social messaging was behind him. And then down way down the road in two thousand and five for the movie, hustle and flow. John singleton was the reason why that movie got made. And of course, you know. That's how tries you Henson was first you nominated, but you know, it took a long time even after that for her to be recognized all of that. But anyway and boys in the hood was registered with the national film registry. In two thousand and two as a significant piece of art and. He was directing all kinds of TV shows. Billions more if you want. Okay, let's go that role in nineteen ninety three's. Poetic Justice, a film that also helped introduce young to puncture core to a mainstream audience in all singleton directed more than ten films from groundbreaking films like higher learning to blockbusters like the two thousand remake of shaft and too fast. Too furious. Single talking about his career here on today back in nineteen Ninety-three. My goals are just to make phones that have a lot of heart and that ordinary people can identify with more recently singled him focused on television directing of shows including impact and billions he co created the FX series snowfall a look at the crack cocaine epidemic of the nineteen eighties in Los Angeles. His family releasing a statement on Monday honoring the director saying impart John passed away peacefully surrounded by. His family and friends. We again want to all of John's fans, friends and colleagues for all the love and support. And today, they also released a statement urging black men to get their blood pressure

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John Singleton, Director And Janet Jackson discussed on Lori and Julia

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