Damian Lillard: Blazers Talked to Refs 'Probably More Than We Needed' in Game 1


Meantime, there was another game last night nuggets and blazers Denver taking game one from Portland. One Twenty-one one thirteen thirty seven four Nicola Yokich. He also had nine rebounds said coach Mike Malone says the kid just goes out and plays. You never use fatigue as an excuse for naval use any that. We're a no excuse team. And I think Nicole is a great example of the now you guys you're talking are your g about the officiating and the players really getting into it and GM's getting into here was Damian Lillard. He admits they were a bit too chirpy with the officials. Maybe we need to know not say as much, but I mean, anytime you see guys wanted that bed. You don't you don't say stuff. Sometimes I think, you know, we might have had a little bit too much that tonight. So I guess they like the way the guy did not see this game. I imagined that it like the way it was officiated Jamal Murray had twenty three points of Denver, the one oh

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