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By phone twenty four seven just waiting for it to rain oh wait that's been going on for days for the Logan family waiting on an update from the medical team usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon on how Paul is doing after a roller coaster of sickness last week Paul went to the hospital on Wednesday when he was having trouble breathing everyday is a battle and I mean we'll have our get hours of my work at hours and came ashore as word spread so we're all thinking about you the support began pouring in minutes jazz influence asphalt fumes this video compilation nearly six minutes long from senior athletes wishing him the best day for being the best athlete during dark ever ask for you're in our prayers and sent to a man who try not to miss a minute of their match your meat now in his own struggle few would know better than his son Michael north central is this is life the whole commute wasn't township you do absolutely anything for me they're repaying the favor of us and all the players have not back right now all these quotes himself behind everybody else your central teacher and coach mark case has known Logan almost forty years the support from kids no surprise to him for as many years as Paul is put kids first you know that people touch other people that you know times like this you can actually see you get a chance to get a glimpse of what that impacts them like it's a battle that's come out of no where for Paul Logan Michael's message to everyone under the governor's orders at home and do your part you don't think it'll ever happen to you but you don't know it but now it is happened to this family the big soft us but he's the toughest guy now is the sign for us and we're fine for him hard yes but alone thank you to you Mr thank you for everything what I wish you a speedy recovery in our thoughts and prayers not on your life where's the power of hash tag Paul strong.

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