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And if you're listening to the radio on this day, many decades ago, you might have heard this. Women of this community. You do not register you not vote wanting to win the peace win the peace. When if you want to win the patient got to get out and vote Mel joining us now to talk about today's deadline in this year. With the help of some archival sound is WNYC. Shumita Basu should go morning. Hi, richard. These recordings are from the WNYC archives there from nineteen forty four. And it's still true today. If you do not register by today's deadline, you cannot vote in the November midterms today is also the deadline in New York to register with a political party in time to vote in next year's primaries. I know that feels like so far into the future. But that is the way the powers that be set it up. I like the jingle that they used in that why don't we use jingles anymore? It's nice. It's non-partisan rights, very creative. But today's campaign strategists, largely agree that creativity alone. Does not drive people to do what you really need to do is Shane, okay? We're not participating in the past. Which is what this nineteen forty four radio. Spot is doing listen to the voice of thirty million American voters. Of course, not not a single peop-. That's the noise thirty million qualified voters made in the nineteen forty elections. Yes. At thirty million qualified voters didn't even bother to go near the poles. Let me put this chain, isn't it shaming? So listen to this. According to census data voting was on the rise through nineteen forty when we hit a sixty two percent voter turnout rate, but by nineteen forty four when these radio spots were airing World War Two still going on lots of American men and women were either abroad or moving around. So despite these efforts to get people registered the turnout dropped to around fifty five percents kind of bleak. Well, it's not getting much better. I hate to say it, but in two thousand sixteen around fifty eight percent of eligible voters turned out. Okay. So here at WNYC. Do you think we've made our listeners feel guilty enough yet? Richard. Let's late on a little thicker in case. They didn't get the message. You do. Not register you vote you hear that. Okay. So you moms like a pledge drive. Well, you must meal your voter registration forms today to vote in November's midterms or you can do it in person at a board of elections office in New York, New jersey listeners you have until Tuesday October sixteenth, but don't put it off. Okay. WNYC? Shumita Basu Chaminda. Thanks so much. Bring us this tape. Thanks, richard. Register john. Kelly calm. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm Noel king. Pope francis. Today accepted the resignation of cardinal Donald world, the archbishop of Washington DC world is accused of being complicit in covering up years of sexual abuse by priests when he served as a Bishop in Pittsburgh joining me now is Joshua mcelwee a journalist with the national Catholic reporter good morning. Good morning. Did the pope's decision to accept this? Resignation. Comes the surprise. No. We had been expecting for some weeks. Now that carnival had said he was coming to Rome was going to ask pope Francis to accept his resignation for the good of the church in Washington. So that it could move forward. What did come as a bit of a surprise? Is that the Washington archdiocese also released on letter from the cardinal world? Basically, portraying the decision the pope made as one that was neat reluctantly. The folks said that hard, and we'll have the heart of a pastor and could have defended himself more with that the focus of allowing resigned basically to allow the church and wash. To move forward. To look for a new Bishop in after these revelations just come forward. This is very interesting because there was a report released in August about decades of sexual abuse by priests in Pennsylvania, what was Worrell accused at. Exactly, yes. So the grand jury report that came out examined world's history as the Bishop of Pittsburgh from nineteen eighty eight to two thousand six and well, the report did acknowledge that whirl had really in one case, particularly has fought to make sure that one priest who accused of abuse state out of ministry, examined other cases, where said he could have done more world has rebutted that thing that he did the best you could at the time we really tried to protect children. But if you survivors have said, no he could have done more. He could have. Especially in three or four priests cases kept them away from ministry are told the people in Pittsburgh, what was going on world says that he was playing the Vatican on the one case and was trying to get clear over what he couldn't could not do at the time. Always accusations. He could have done more as archbishop of Washington DC this. This is a very influential man how of these allegations affected him. Well, has really been one of the most powerful figures in the US Catholic church for the past thirty or forty years. He's been. In in in positions of power since the mid seventies. The new Pope John Paul the second personally who appointed him as Bishop of Pittsburgh in nineteen eighty eight. And so we're kind of seeing a passing of an era of one of the figures that the US Catholic church in many conversations, it almost seems as if we're going to wait to see who might be taking his place, and who might be taking up that mantle was one of the most influential figures in the US church. Is there a prospect that cardinal world might face legal action as we move forward? I haven't been aware of anything like that. This is of course, not yesterday. She don't involve anything including abused by war himself. But just questions of how he handled priests in the early nineties after the grand jury report on August, fourteen Joshua mcelwee of the national Catholic.

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