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Post game show is we go around baseball on giving update on what's happening, and we'll start in the American League brought to you by star fire premium lubricants. It was the Marlins over the Indians today. Three won the final and the Marlins got some help and the top of the fifth from or hail farro and I ball hitting farro hits a fly ball deep the right field. It's going to be up up and away. He just kept that fair down the right field line. And it went about five or six rows back into the seats. Now Farrell with his fourth home run in the Marlins with a one to nothing fifth inning lead. First pitch from Ramirez that call courtesy of the Marlins radio network Marlins. Three Indians won the final Pablo Lopez. The winter. He's two and three Neil Ramirez. Takes a loss falls to Owen one Sergio Romo got his third. Save of the game Orioles for nine one. Winter's over the White Sox in Baltimore tonight. Renato Nunez it his six home run. Chris Davis went deep for a second white Smith. Enjoy Rickard also went deep for the Dwight Smith hitting fifth record his second Andrew cash winnings. Four and one of on Nove takes a loss. He falls to Owen three. It was the giant seven six. Winter's over the Blue Jays Joe panic had a good day to run double early. And then he homered later in the game for his first home run of the year. They also got home runs from Evan longoria. Hit his third Brandon belts fifth and Pablo Sandoval knocked his first Eric still garden rowdy to less went deep Blue Jays. Jeff's March of the winter that when he's out to in one Trent Thornton illusory falls to Owen three Will Smith got his sixth. Save of the year. Elsewhere around American League parks. They played to today in Boston. The Red Sox fell to the Tigers seven four in game one. Josh Harrison was part of the reason why for Detroit Bure sets the pitch swing and a fly ball deep to the left center field gap. This one is way back off the wall to runs will score. Good room is in Rodriguez in two run double for Josh Harrison. And the Tigers take a five three lead in the eight and that go courtesy of the Tigers radio network. Grayson Greiner went deep for Detroit hitting his second home run and Ronnie Rodriguez a big home run in that one for his first home run of the year. Boston got some help from Sandra Bogart's. He hit two homers one of the third or his third and fourth home runs of the year. Tigar seven four winter's over the Red Sox in game one game two currently in favor of the Tigers as well. They're up three two two right now as they bat in top of the ninth inning at Fenway. Michael chafes homered for Boston hitting his first home run of the year. It was a tough day in Tampa. For former red Homer Bailey. The rave jumped on him for four runs in the first inning. And the rates went on to beat the royals five to two down at the trop, Martine Maldonado and deep for the royals. I Mike Nino hit his second home run of the year for Tampa. Jalen beaks got the win. He's wanted Homer. Bailey. Suffering the loss. He's to in to Amelia Pagon got his second save of the year Yankees and angels just underway. But Luke void has gone deep. The Yankees his sixth of the year giving New York one nothing lead is the angels bad in the first as bat in the bottom of the first inning. The Rangers have a one nothing lead there in Oakland. We'll go around the National League park from the reds postgame show..

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