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It's six twenty eight and we're looking at six thirty five a lot of problems along that right now, but we'll start over in garland with Randy fuller. Westbound six thirty five before Centerville, Ferguson right lane is blocked up. With a wreck. Traffic's backed up to thirty also westbound six thirty five at Preston. There's an accident in the left lane. They're trying to push it over the shoulder. Get it out of the way, it is slow from Hillcrest thanks to marry for that one and eastbound six thirty five at skillman two cars on the shoulder. Traffic's backed up to seventy five and downtown Dallas southbound thirty-five near commerce the right lane, and the exit lane are blocked with a crash very heavy from the medical district and John little looks like we've got a couple of problems along I thirty in general. I'm proud of the way it's clearing up in Tarrant county right now bought in east Fort Worth westbound thirty at east chase a three car accident on the right shoulder. Traffic backed up to Collins. You're rolling well past the accident now though in Fort Worth. Eastbound thirty past beach that accident has cleared up. Also, northbound thirty-five at north Tarrant Parkway, the stall is all gone, but if you're getting on northbound two eighty seven has let area at the Avondale has let road exit. There's an accident keeping it slow from blue mountain plus in northwest Fort Worth big problems with high water westbound trinity before precinct line blocked due to flooding highway ten's your best friend. And now we're taking a look at didn't county and current where we've got northbound thirty-five at post oak the accident through. There has cleared. Now, the delays are still unwinding through there. So you're still going to see the brake lights as you're moving up toward Denton terrible. You're gonna find south southbound spur five seven is closed between highway eighty and I twenty I say this because the overturn eighteen Wheeler that overturned earlier today around two o'clock are still trying to get this cleaned up and upright out of your way. But for right now, you're going to wanna use eastbound eighty two southbound FM four twenty nine if you're making your way to tear all this evening. I might Gould your next report at six thirty eight and breaking traffic.

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