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NBC News Radio. I'm Lisa Carter. People getting frustrated as the partial government shutdown drags on into week three joke process of shutting the government down because they can't determine a budget is a joke. Everybody needs to meet halfway paid a lot of money to figure this stuff out so figured out. President Trump addressed the nation on the issue last night and Democrats responded, but there was little new information coming out the president is demanding billions of dollars for border wall saying there's a crisis at the southern border with Mexico. Democrats are refusing to found the wall. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls it ineffective and unnecessary. The president and congressional leaders are expected to get together again today to try and find common ground to end the shutdown. The chairman of Sears is on the clock to keep the company open at elaborate has another chance to save the retailer from liquidation as long as his hedge fund deposits one hundred twenty million dollars by this afternoon in its bid to escape from bankruptcy. The deal could keep four hundred and twenty-five stores. Open. The latest trade talks between the United States and China or getting good reviews. The trade talks were extended for a day wrapping up Wednesday in Beijing after they were originally scheduled to take place just Monday and Tuesday when asked about the meetings, one member of the US delegation said it's been a good one. And the discussions on trade went just fine. The two countries are working to get a trade deal done before March first when tariff increases on Chinese goods imported to the United States will go into effect. Correspondent bills them for authorities investigating suspicious packages found at foreign consulates and embassies and Australia. Fire officials in Malvern say consulates of the UK the US wetland and Pakistan were among those evacuated. Emergency workers were also called consulates longing to India, Greece, South Korea new-zealand Spain, France and Italy, some of the packages reportedly contained what appeared to be concrete. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio the family for Texas teenage. Major files. A wrongful death lawsuit against the metro Atlanta boy scouts organization fourteen year old Elisha night was killed last June at the bird Adam scout camp and Covington when a tree crushed his tent during a thunderstorm. The says his parents claim in the suit that adults on the camping trip failed to heed the scouts own severe weather protocol that day about a half hour before Elisha was killed. The national weather service had warned of sixty mile an hour winds in quarter-sized hail the family asked for a Cobb County jury to decide the case, but the suit doesn't ask for a specific damage amount. Rob statler NBC News Radio. The ficials say a DA agent is under investigation in connection with the Colombian money laundering. Scheme papers filed in Tampa, Florida US district court alleged the years long conspiracy would sometimes use undercover accounts controlled by the DA. The agent is said to have received cash payments from an account funded by thousands of dollars in drug money an exchange for spreading around proceeds in different ways to get the money. Into the hands of the Colombian traffickers the information about the accused agent was to fall in a plea agreement between the fads and a former DA informant and abroad lawmaker wants to get rid of an old law that still allows slavery in certain cases, Nebraska's state, constitution included a ban on slavery. When it was ratified in eighteen seventy five, but it allowed slavery as punishment for a crime, the Omaha world herald reports that Omaha democratic Senator Justin Wayne announced plans this week to introduce a proposed amendment to the state constitution to remove the provision. Wayne says the provision was used to.

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