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Lot of respect, which I appreciate. And I would love the opportunity to fight him. Look, it's not for all four heavyweight titles, and he's not Joe Joyce isn't the guy who beat Anthony Joshua twice, but if that's plan B, that's a palatable MB, much more so than fighting someone like Derek Chisora or something absurd like that. Yeah, Joe Joyce. Very credible to face the summer. That's a Wembley Stadium type of fight too. You do a big crowd in the UK. That would be a nice save if you're Tyson Fury. Then maybe you can revisit in the fall. Maybe they get the Middle East interested. That's that seems to be where you, it's most likely you can get a deal done because of all the money that's in Saudi Arabia in Abu Dhabi, wherever they negotiate with, but again, I'm just stunned. Those two guys, they get fights done. They get deals done. And now we're gonna have to wait a little bit longer to crown undisputed champion at heavyweight. All right, follow Keith on Twitter at idec boxing read his stuff over at boxing scene dot com. If you see him in Vegas on Garcia, tank fight week you'll be wearing the Charlotte Android T-shirt. He's promised me all week long. So if you're looking forward, it's black, it's red. It's nice, check it out. Keith will happily sign your T-shirt if you're wearing it as well. So Keith, I do appreciate all that you've done for the book. I'm here to serve Chris mannix. So it's all good. And when we come back from overtime elite, Brandon Rhodes. So everybody listening to this podcast listens for boxing stuff. But you also know that I am a huge NBA guy. The NBA seized is coming down to the wire. So now, is the perfect time to download FanDuel America's number one sportsbook, because new customers get a no sweat first bet up to $1000 that's bonus bets back. If your first bet doesn't win, just download the FanDuel sportsbook app, it's safe, secure, and super easy to use. Then you give it on everything. From the money line to point scores and threes drained, I just took a big L on FanDuel. Usually I like to talk about winnings, but I had the spurs plus 15 and a half last week against the Celtics, and then they went out and took the biggest loss in Gregg Popovich's history of coastal team, but I bounced back the day a day later when I took the clippers to beat the bulls that was even weak for me. I'm looking forward to more bets this week on Thanos. So don't miss the chance to get your no sweat first bet up to $1000 in bonus bets when you download FanDuel dot com slash boxing. That's fan dual dot com slash boxing to learn more. And FanDuel is now live in Massachusetts where I made that bet both of them download the app now and take advantage of the great special offers boosts and so much more. Make every moment more with FanDuel and official sports betting partner of the NBA. 21 plus in select states first online real money wager only $10 deposit required, refund issued as non withdrawal bonus bets that expired in 14 days, restrictions apply, see full terms at FanDuel dot com slash sportsbook. FanDuel is offering online sports wagering in Kansas under an agreement with the Kansas City star casino LLC, gambling problem called one 800 gambler or visit FanDuel dot com slash RG. Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, or Virginia, one 800 next step or text next step to 5 three three four two in Arizona, 188-878-9777 or visit CPG dot org slash chat and Connecticut 109 with it in Indiana, 105 two two 4700 or visit KS gambling help dot com in Kansas, one 8 7 7 7 70 stop in Louisiana, visit WWW dot MD gambling help dot org and Maryland one 8 7 7 8 hope and why or text hope and why for 6 7 three 6 9 in New York one 805 two two 4700 in Wyoming or visit one 800 gambler dot net in West Virginia. Welcome back to another boxing with Chris mannix, as always, you can listen to the show live on the amp app just follow Chris mannix on hand. All right, Brandon rose is the

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