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Provided dwellings and go to and from the fields in grower supplied transportation. California's solar advocacy groups. That beat back legislation that would have made rooftop solar systems more expensive, A warning about a similar proposal that is on tomorrow's agenda of the California Public Utilities Commission. Just an Potter has the story. Groups working to battle climate change warned that rooftop solar and energy efficiency programs could be in big trouble. If the California Public Utilities Commission votes tomorrow to revamp the way the agency evaluates them. The groups claim that changes to what's known as the avoided cost calculator will cut the value of rooftop solar in half, and they worry this could lead to a cut in reimbursements or extra fees for families who install rooftop solar panels. Laura Niche who heads the nonprofit 3 50 Bay Area, thanks Could be the beginning of the end for small scale solar. When homeowners are not adequately compensated, they will stop putting solar on the roof, which will diminish the amount of relatively cheap distributed energy and eliminate the benefits of that, from the grid of the future they avoided cost calculator is used to evaluate the costs and benefits of any given programme. The commission normally only allows big changes in even numbered years. This proposal is on the consent calendar, with no debate and opponents one it pulled from the agenda. Last week, the state's three biggest utilities sent a letter to the commission, arguing the proposed changes are minor and warranted, and that they'd allow for more accurate projections. Niche believes the utilities want these changes because they favor large scale solar projects. Bring a guaranteed rate of return. They're doing what they're being incented to do, and they are fighting against these much smaller distributed projects because they do not benefit from it directly. Laura Diane is with Environment California, a group that just published a report on rooftop solar. She argues that the state needs to protect net metering programmes not put up. Roadblocks were living with the consequences of global warming right now. And so getting to 100% renewable energy future has to happen as fast as.

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