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Been nursing that if injury all week long, and it is status for next week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals n beyond into question. I think right now Joe flacco is trying to get some answers for you're talking about a hip injury. And a quarterback in a quarterback who was limping around during the bye week that becomes problematic and disconcerting if flacco cannot play next Sunday against the Bengals or. Beyond the starting quarterback would figure to be first round draft pick Lamar Jackson. So there's some interesting injury developments in Baltimore that the ravens will be tracking this weekend and into next week whoever quarterbacks they gotta stop a slide. The ravens of lost three straight games, Adam Schefter with the very latest around the NFL. The ravens would be a contender of the AFC before the season. ESPN's Darren Woodson things the more Jackson could be the answer of flacco kit. Go there's no Joe flacco playing. What would you do? I'm bringing in Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh. Hit to the ravens had already said this week nine just after the week nine loss. Hey, we wanna get Lamar Jackson more reps. We want to give him a longer drives wanna getting more involved in the game plan. And he's the guy that you gotta go with right now, you can look at RG three RG three has been an active the entire season. I say he's been on inactive vacation. He's been hanging out not doing much. He he's not football ready right now. Lamar Jackson is football ready. Wanna get him reps? You're young rookie. Why not thrust him in? Joe flacco hip and the opening series of last Sunday's lots to the Steelers did miss any plays said after the game that the injury didn't affect more injuries Bengals All-Pro receiver AJ green dealing with a toe injury. He's been ruled out for Sunday's game against New Orleans. So we're to Cincinnati turn without AJ green ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson with Suzy kolber look at Tyler void is that. That's what you're gonna do. It's a different set of circumstances. Now of defense is view you as the number one receiver rather than the number two because then you get different Cornerbacks. You get different coverages you get different looks. So for him to adjust to that is going to be something to watch. Because I mean now that AJ greens not there. I'm I know who I'm going to take away and force him to go other places and the Bengals offense struggled against two. Yeah. Struggling defense is the last couple of the different world without AJ Greenwood is the number one guy and you starting to see like you just said you start to see Tyler board. He's getting housing getting when AJ greens plant. He's getting a number two sometimes number three cornerback in a rotation. But now with AJ green against there'll be an hour. And no tolerance as well. In bagels, head coach Marvin Lewis said that egregious toe injury won't require surgery. But he is expected to miss the next two games. I'm Jan rider. Thanks for tuning into sportscenter all night on ESPN radio the app and Sirius XM channel eighty Steelers rolling winners of five straight through six two at one crush the Panthers had Thursday night, but running back James Connor left the game of the fourth quarter. He's in concussion protocol. If Connor is out will hold out leaving Bellevue the answer for Pittsburgh. And we'll be back with the Steelers. This isn't ESPN's Adam Schefter on NFL live with Suzy kolber. Well, she the two situations are obviously tied together. And right now James Connors officially in the NFL's concussion protocol, which means he'll have to pass tests from independent neurologists before he can come back and play if he can come back and play in Pittsburgh next game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now. Fortunately for Connor and the Steelers they have the extra three days off this week. We'll see whether he can get through their protocol or not in the interim, we wait and see on Levy on. Bell? He has to be in by Tuesday, four o'clock eastern or he is ineligible to play for the remainder of the year. No matter what he does. Whether he reports or dozen report does not affect this free agent status. He is still scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers would use their franchise tag on him. The costs would be prohibitive, but the Steelers could use their transition tag on him. And then have the right to match any offer sheet he signs with another team now would pitch for keep around at that salary. Maybe maybe not. But certainly, maybe they can even look to trade him. Once he signs that offer sheet that would be an option available to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, but again Bill has until Tuesday, four o'clock to be able to report, maybe I bell is back in Pittsburgh. But no indication that he's visited the Steelers facility team owner art Rooney. The second thoughts followed by ESPN NFL analyst Darren Woodson. I don't know what is plan. Are. But I would say that at this point. We we expect them to come back next week. Now, we know he's back in Pittsburgh. And so we we were hoping to have some communications with them over the weekend. And we're kind of expecting this this he'll be back next week. Great to have three times Super Bowl champ Darren Woodson back with us. All right. I'm putting you in the Steelers locker room, you are a leader. Yes. If and when on bell comes back into the locker room, what would you say to him? I'm welcoming them with open arms because the goal is to win a championship and kept. But one thing about the locker room,.

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