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Honest with is in the last few years. I've been a loner. You're basically almost call me a re close. I don't so she'll allies would many people and I really don't give a damn what anybody thinks and contrary to my bill believe I like being alone by myself I get along with myself Larry. Well Yeah I don't WanNa be rude. Yeah but I WANNA go have my lunch. Oh yeah yeah that's fine. It's fine I sheldon. I appreciate your talking to me and You'd be amenable to To to spending some time why not We are brought me. We're not close or anything but You know We're not gonna our chance to see each other much in the future. Yeah is that. Is that anything that you think about? Not much now versus where you have an address. Yeah I do my dad and I meet up at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. I flew from New York and my dad for Montreal. My father's all dressed up. Bring a Faux Suede sports jacket that I've never seen him in. We grab our airport rental and prepare for the two hour drive to Sheldon in the ninety degree. Heat it's immediately made clear that Faux Suede might not have been the best fashion choice. Farry on the road to Sheldon's my father experience a spectrum of feelings as we first set out. There's excitement on my brother was funny. I could laugh. We're going to have left with him. He's a very funny man. A half hour in and there's bitterness. We invited him to your moment's and he returned a very cold. 'cause sorry we will not be attending was so neat you know what? I mean even the writing an hour in. And how was buzz feeling? Relax good kind of old to get anxious. A half an hour to sheldon's little bit apprehensive. Yeah ten minutes to Sheldon's and buzzes feeling feeling a little. It's going to be strange. Yeah it's GonNa be very strange. I mean the man is a stranger to me now and he yet. He's my brother. You understand it's a very strange feeling. Yeah I wonder if he's getting nervous because he's waiting for us right. Yeah Sheldon lives in the Corner House on a quiet suburban street ring a bell. I guess it's this door double check. Maybe various oil good descent. Yana thank you become a mock mayor. I got a call after all the years in the worry and the dread things seem to be going swimmingly we sit down and Sheldon's kitchen table and my father gets right into it amount this things I wanNA know. You said that rain rainy died she did. The dead are a good place to begin as a subject they're easily agreed upon and not likely to spark a fight. Yong-chol uncle died. He was the youngest brother. Oh He's died long. He died today or you know who died. Who have real. I didn't know about mich- more shot. Yes he he was fat. He was fat red head. Read her right. Yeah remember Johnny. Johnny was a sex maniac. Johnny Oh he would the dog on the street. We saw the dog and try. Get YOU GUYS. Cold Beer beer beer eighties sheldon and buzz still possess voices and temperaments suited to shouting out. Brooklyn tenement windows. While my voice Ollivier is best suited. Tasking waitress if there will be a sharing charge a case in point. This is sheldon accidentally swiping portable microphone. Receiver off the kitchen table and me trying to smooth things over this or annoying. Just put it in the In your pocket. They're just take it all over the next two days testes will flee like frightened cockroaches upward ascending to heights not seen since the Bar Mitzvah. That sheldon was not attending while. It's fun watching them reminisce. I'd say that about eighty percent of my uncles sheldon stories about the good old days are filthy enough to make them virtually unbroadcastable. But here's one specially selected and beeped for your delicate ears. One whatever became a him. He was a bum. Meanwhile joining the weightlifting say you had to be tested for a ruptured. Being put his hand. I started laughing so hot I over the years. I've seen my father in the role of husband uncle and grandfather but I've never really seen him in the role of younger brother. How odd to see it now at eighty he sits beside sheldon with this expression. I've never seen on his face. It's wide eyed sweet and differential but as the day wears on Sheldon. Buzz Begin to squabble over their memories fighting over every little detail. Remember how of Louis had with the Diet head diet heavy set girl manicures? Choose ahead I and manicurist no shows ahead die. Here's what happened. She went over to Erva even argue over. The death of their grandmother found her body. I don't know I. My mother was across street a Greenberg. I remember why on and I knew she was dead so I never saw a dead body in my life but I knew she was dead..

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