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It. Just new bread. Okay and i love this pan and he. I think that he stole it. After we left each other. 'cause i let you know he left. He stole your how much how much older than you. Fifteen years fifteen. What a penny shiver and old man to fill love so we had union mid twenties my h. Yeah he's forty two. Oh god like you me. i'll take your fucking pay. You took my pan louis. Yeah i know. He lived in a hippie commune. When we met like. It's it's quite the tails off too. I have a weakness and sexy musicians and okay so i did rekindle things with an old. Please be who also a sexy musician but things are going a lot better. And i thought we were just rekindling our friendship and now it's turned romantic but it's it's been good but techy musicians. I'm i'm powerless over. Alcohol infecting musician is the new sexy musician that you've rekindled with also older. He's a little bit older. Yes but you gotta type. Oh i haven't raging daddy issues chris. I'm i think to myself. Why do i love old man who treat me and our and don't stick around and it's like oh dad that's what that's unbear- my dad did the best. He could with what he had but I do have a type. Yes yeah yeah. But the last time i dated someone who is my age I saw the bedroom and like almost immediately broke up with him because it was just a naked mattress were cut. That's what is bad. Was there was a smell. I was like. I can't be your mommy like i need to. I need to go find me a daddy. I gotta tell ya we only have two minutes left. So i'll rush through this but you know my whole thing when i was single was like i'm this artist and i need you know. I wasn't playing a game. But i don't really have my shit together and that's kind of what's compelling about my material and when people see me there in but then a lot of a lot of people i did it would be put in a position where they'd come over and it would be like. Yeah i'm so fucked up. I don't my mattresses on the floor. And i have a debate. That doesn't have a cover and my my house. And then when i the first time my now wife slept over i was so humiliated. And she had her shit together so much that the second time she slept over she laughed at me and her heart melted. Because i had to cover and all these shams throw pillows and all my posters that had been from tech to the wolpert now and frames and it was like six six six days later. And i completely did a home makeover. So it's like this. I saw this does not feel charming. This woman like this. There's no charbagh romance to the new york. Artists said life like she's not buying that pulse to get a sham. So glad you did. And i went to the bed bath and beyond in this like it was in queens and this very like just total the romantic cliche of like an older new york. Jewish women saw me in the bed bath and beyond in a panic. It was like hun you look like you need some help. What can i do. And i was like i need to cover. She's like this one. she'll find it. Classy but masculine. Okay okay what what's success throw. What's the difference between the throw in ship anyway. I'm talking too much. this call has been. I felt so comfortable tiny. And we've been laughing about some hard stuff. And i want to just say that i'm so happy that you're sober. I'm so happy that you're finding some art to be compelling thing that's helping you feel empowered and not like a little mouse anymore and i. It's there's so many similarities to the path. I walked twenty years ago. And it's given me great joy to see that you're finding some of those same positives really is thank you like. Your comedy has really gone. Meet through some really tough times. You've been a huge inspiration to me. So my dream of dreams is that we do. Just throw off together. One day open for you. I would love that. But i mean my career's definitely on the downturn. So i hope just for laughs believe it have deepak c. I wholesale even consider who i am. I mean more likely. I'll be like hey do you wanna come open for me in Present newfoundland in february like that. It'll be more like that. You know. I mean it'd be warmer than where i live so i would heartbeats how it's minus thirty fahrenheit today what. I will not be living. There is thirty apps. What are you talking about the wind. Chill how're people. Just bundle and you. Jesus all uncalled days like today seriously. That's why my sounds like a train. Okay time's up. I wish you nothing. Nothing but success and happiness. Thank you. I wish i wish the same i mean you. Yeah i wish the same for you. Yeah it's meant so much to me thank you. My dad is a good person. Please make it just took person's your dad's not going to be upset at what he heard. It was the joke. He said he did the best with what he had. And i feel like as a dad. Now i feel like that's actually high praise for any dad and you're next time i'm in canada. I don't know who you are. But maybe maybe we'll figure out a way to do a show to get out caller. Thank you so much for calling in. Let us know about your life. I hope that you stay healthy and happy. And that all your dreams come true in crush them in that. You remember me on the way when. I need gig. Thank you so much for calling can thank you to anita florus. This show is produced by engineered by jared o'connell. Our theme song is by shell. Shag go to chris. Dot com if you want to know more about meat including my tour dates again back out on the road. Twenty cities twenty twenty one. Wherever you're listening you can subscribe favourite or follow. It really helps us when you do. Find our latest merchant pod swag dot com. We've got mugs shirts posters and more find ad free episodes beautiful anonymous and other shows including f with mark mary over at stitcher premium. Use the promo code stories for one month. Free trial at stitcher dot com slash premium.

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