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School district website says at northwest high went into full lockdown at two fifty PM Thursday because of the gunshots fired on new market drive northwest high school is closed today all the schools activities are canceled and the school will have counselors available throughout the day for both students and parents if they are interested the cold rain police chief mark Danny says north west staff did what he calls a fantastic job safeguarding the students hi Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW at this point there appears to be no direct connection between the shooting in the school you can see the suspected gunman mugshot rate the police complaint against if you go to seven of a W. O. W. dot com search local news the latest traffic and weather together from the you see how traffic center one screening saves lives if you are fifty five or older and would like to learn more call you see health at five one three five eight four long that's five one three five eight four L. U. N. G. E. spent two seventy five brake lights between coal ring then went in with an accident near Winton on the left hand side southbound seventy five that slows from above union center right on through the Lakland split north bound seventy five brake lights out of Berlinguer into downtown with a wreck at Kyle's then on north seventy five above seventy for a broken down blocks the right million there's three involved in an accident on seven forty seven at crescent ville talking from newsradio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by Cincinnati VA Medical Center at our end if you served in the military and don't think you are eligible for VA health care benefits think again take fifteen minutes to call five one three four seven five six four nine nine to speak with an eligibility specialists about your VA healthcare benefits make the call that makes a difference the latest.

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