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First. Let's update the roads. Here's John Thomas, probably Florida Central Credit Union Home Loans Traffic Center. We have strong winds reported on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. So take care if you're coming across the bridge outside of that traffic seems to be moving pretty well. I four from I 75 toe iTunes, 75. No delays. Same story and I four heading out towards Lakeland. I 75 running north and South through Pascoe. Hillsborough Manatee Traffic is moving well and bay Area bridges coming into Tampa. No delays. God. Thomas NEWS Radio W F L A Gusty showers this morning. Give way to falling temperatures this afternoon lows tonight near 48. It's 72 degrees had news radio W F L A three armed robbery suspects led police and state troopers on a multi county chase. It started in Tarpon Springs and ended in a crash in Polk County. A woman called 911 Sunday morning, saying she was followed and robbed a gun point. You could hear her scream assed. She runs to the front door. Tarpon Springs Police say one of their officers tried to pull over the fleeing suspects, but they refused to stop. What happened. Next is a police pursuit. Went from Pinellas through Hillsborough and into Polk County on I 4 49 Forecast for Highway Patrol help put an end to the pursuit by us 98 near Lake Lyn News Channel eight's Justin Checker reports. State troopers used a pit maneuver on the vehicle on I four in Lakeland. A state trooper's car was hit in the process when she was not hurt. All three suspects now in custody. Lord. I added another 7300.

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