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Is available. Our data is transparent. In fact actor. Burks has talked multiple times about how Florida has the absolute best data so any insinuation otherwise is just typical hartson narrative trying to be spun and part of the reason. Is that because you got a lot of people in your profession. Poetically for weeks and weeks about Al Florida was going to be just like New York way. Two Weeks Florida's going to be next just like Italy way two weeks. Well Hell were eight weeks away from that and it hasn't happened. Yeah what is it? What what what are they trying to be a very important even psychologists tell me now don't watch CNN or MSNBC or any of this stuff that trying to frighten you scare you Have you heard these One time networks. You see South Korea as a second wave. Have you heard that it's coming back? Second waves coming in second way of South Korea. Look what happened? They opened up to sue. Check school is open today. In South Korea. They opened the schools again. Everything is fine and South Korea and when they tell you there was a spike in and I looked to see what this spike is. Yeah there was a spike. It went from like a million two zero. And now it's up to once a spike. That's very very very low. That happens normally. You just get that little you know if you look at Some areas you gotta go buy your own area for instance at New York City hundred six deaths yesterday look at Manhattan. It was two deaths You could see not every area so bad so you could open up some places We'll go over all of this throughout the program what you can do what you can't do this this weekend. check out the web pages. Some great stuff up there You Know Matt Lauer says He's a wonderful guy. Nothing ever happened. What's this video? Here's the top five creepiest Matt. Lauer moments all cut together. If you're saying gee how come a lot of people knew about this before it happened? Or how come a lot of people didn't know about this but how come people didn't notice watch these top five creepy moments and see if you should have known Watching this guy. Something's wrong here's an old interview with Governor Cuomo is on with Charlie. Rose that's how long ago Charlie rose show but this is interesting Charlie. Rose asks him about his dark side. take a listen Also here's a great. This is great video this is justice. Clarence Thomas talking about how you deal with Joe Biden. It's pretty funny. It's all up in the web page. Go to seven ten W. O. R. Dot Com Slash Mark Seven Ten W. O. R. Dot com slash mark. Hegel take some calls eight hundred three to one zero seven. Ten is the number eight hundred three to one. Zero seven tenths. Oh Connecticut is reopen. You can go to restaurant. You have to sit outside. But that's that's great I'm checking the Memorial Day forecast. There could be some rain Friday afternoon Friday night into Saturday. So Friday might there might be but otherwise you know obviously is raining outside. That's GonNa Affect the outdoor dining but It's Memorial Day weekend Saturday night Sunday night. Even Monday night you'll be able to do stuff in Connecticut so I think a lot of people are going to be heading there Let's see let's take some calls that go to Jerry is calling from Princeton Gerry. How're you doing? I'm well mark? How are you very good? What are you up to their I'm up to the Democrats and the globalist think. Do you think they all got together to kill this economy so they can get rid of trump definitely? That was a part of it. Yeah one trump had a record economy that guarantees reelection so they did want to take that away Are you working from home now? I know I'm at home. I'm retired okay. But Hiding Jersey Jerry. I know what you've been going out and walking around and forget it is crazy fast. Thanks most important thing. Go out every day. Walk around. Fresh Air Sunshine All the medical experts say that is extremely important for you your immune system physical and mental health everyday. Go out walk around. Don't worry don't worry about surfaces And you can go to the supermarket and you don't have to wear gloves and spray everything death all you gotTa do you. Can you can go out. You can touch the elevator buttons. You can touch the DOORKNOB. You can touch stuff in the supermarket. You may get it all of your hands. It's fine just don't touch your face and wash your hands when you get home or put. Burell all of them as soon as you leave the supermarket. Don't forget your phone. Clean your phone off before you put it up to your face and if you WANNA really be nuts take some lysol spray or whatever and Wash your keys because you touch those when you're outside and your doorknob and then you're fine. You don't have to spray every box and lysol every piece of mail that comes in you don't have to do that and even the CDC now saying they don't think there's much transmission on a surface. They think that's very unlikely Speaking which you know. Sector Fatty is gone. We haven't seen him. He hasn't appeared on television since. May Fourth There's something with this weird creepy guy Great Personalities Great on television very lovable but something is wrong with him. You see that I put up. It's up on the webpage from about a week ago. The fifteen totally wrong predictions made it's a collection of statements interviews all through January tons. That's not gonNA come. Don't worry the viruses and coming here all through February saying no. We don't need to change any behavior. Don't need to do anything even in March. He's telling people to go to the mall he's telling people to take a cruise all this stuff and some people keep pointing out. You can't be that wrong that many times unless it's deliberate something up with this guy. He's tied up with that. Corrupt World Health Organization. He's tied up but big Pharma. He bad mouthed hydroxy chloroquine when he personally recommended it in two thousand and five for Corona viruses Problem with the Hydroxy Clark. When it's six cents. A dose of Ouchi suddenly pushing disappear which isn't got patents on it and it's nine hundred dose the other problem with Hydroxy Clark Patents. It's been around for forty years. Fifty million people abusing and all the patents expired. Anybody can make it so a big farm. It does not like the drug Was CHECKING THEY DO They do a billion doses a year every year. They've been doing that. So it's it's perfectly fine F- This should tell you everything she has to. Pr Firm that he uses to promote himself. that's not good. He privately calls every anchor every Chris. Cuomo liberal anchor every day and butter them up. That's not good if you go to the NIH website where he's the director. You GO TO HIS BIOGRAPHY. Page normally on a site like nice biography of his critics. I'm his page. He's got four hundred interviews with them. Here's twenty thousand videos of me on TV. I think that tells you a little about the guy and That he is a bit of a self promoter there so he's he's sidelined for now also About a month and a half ago. The president realized everything out. She told him was wrong. Inaccurate every prediction was totally wrong of berks. Deborah burks was always right so he started to listen to her not foudy. Let's go to Vince in Florida Vince. How you doing good morning? Good morning you know I wanted to tell you. This whole thing is insane. I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago and two weeks before that I was in Tokyo. I'm an airline pilot so I travel around in January. I was in Milan three different times and I was in Madrid and Milan in December. Well now I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago. Everything is open. You can go to a bar go to work. Restaurant and Hong Kong is the second most densely populated city in the world and they dealt with these fifty times back in the early two thousands. They had the SARS virus. They shut it down for three weeks. They started doing temperatures back then. They were taking people's temperature at the airport in and out and it shut down. Now you go through a big gate where they have all these the monitors but we have all these people saying we have to listen to what science who are these so-called scientists that we're listening to and where do they come up like if you're in a restaurant and you have to be six feet away. That restaurant can hold a thousand people and they're saying you can only have twenty five percent. I know hey let me tell you. You're an airline pilot that air in the plane. That's recirculated right more times than you can ever imagine. I remember years ago. I got sick and I talked to a doctor and he said it circulates more than an oxygen have. I mean it's really you got it's not. You're not breathing air. That comes out of the tank. This is there that goes smoothies. It's a really complicated process but but the point is if somebody in the plane is sick. Everybody's breathing that same air right now. Not really because it's circulated right out is out. Slow Valent earplugs comes in or and I would say it's safe to get on a plane right now. Yeah it's safe. It's not you know what I mean. If somebody's sitting next to you obviously you know they might have a d. but as far as the air you breathe. It's actually better than what you breathe most places because it is you know going in and out of the airplane. It doesn't stay in there. It's not. You're not breathing scarlet tank breathing for. You're the expert. Alright if you say so. Thanks for calling extra calling Vince. He's the founder of the airlines. They'll say whatever they want. Does that sound reasonable? The Clean Air I. I don't know and You know if you're going to take a flight Go training as a pilot. Get a job at the airline and be the pilot because that's the only way where you get a decent seat if you're the pilot and there isn't somebody half an inch from you at least the pilot Copa. They got like a foot between them. If you're in the cabin forget it. You know people on top of you. Hey when we come back Greg Jarrett. The great legal analyst will find out what's going on with Flynn. What's going on with this corrupt judge? What's going on Obama Gate with get to that in a moment on seven ten W. O? R? Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett are and Mark Actress Lori Laughlin set to plead guilty to conspiracy charges in connection with college admissions cheating scandal. The deal reportedly calls for her to get two months in prison. Her HUSBAND GETS FIVE MONTHS. Governor Murphy going to announce the lifting of more restrictions in New Jersey today could involve pools and campgrounds the holiday weekend. Mayor de Blasio says thirty..

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