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And tickets right now for three years, are you you're going to be out there with three other people. Route doesn't care. He needs to go boroughs of Scott beuller his name on the line. Got nothing to do with him because he can say I'm gonna play football. He took him Gonese boys reputation. I did Cuyler wakeup season star and say I'm going to go win the Heisman this year. The man gave word y'all weren't bailing. You gave me a word skip. If I come join you I hear I'm going to have a job for more than a year. You say I gave you my word. Now, you've got rid of me around. Around. I told you Baker Mayfield compla- pro football. And you're like as little you didn't have big little maker little earth. Earth a lot quicker and Baker moves pretty good. But not like this kid ski up. He's Lor flit seventy he lane. There was this kid named Doug Flutie once. No problem. Always a pleasure. Always national pastime. Earlier we're bringing it back again to Kevin Durant. Take a shot at LeBron James. Thank you Jackson. Kevin Durant is a two-time MBA champ and regular season and finals MVP. And now, we may know what makes him tick listen to this recently said that he is quote, a student of the game and washes hours of video of past current and future NBA players he highlighted three players saying Kobe MJ and Kyrie just the way they move. I don't understand. Why people don't realize what they're seeing these three especially Jordan, Kobe Kyrie is younger than me. And that's one of my best friends. So I watch is stuff. But watching Koby and Mike, I'm like, how do you not realize how good these dudes are how do you not say they're by far better than anybody? Who's played the game everybody that comes over to my house, whether it's friends family, I make them watch. Jordan highlights to Stein bleeping Beethoven, or this is the greatest Daland in athletes and minds of the world their masters, they're geniuses. All right. So for more rejoin one. Steven jiang. Welcome number one. We got Port Arthur Texas in the house on the Texas. We got we got Dallas Cowboys..

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