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Sparks national Davy Crockett craze with many Coon skin caps being sold as well as successful as well as a successful recording of the episode's theme song, the ballad of Davy Crockett, which we saying which we saying and. Yeah, I, I remember being. So whenever I was on the college program, we had classes that you could take. They still do this. I'm sure in one of them was just kind of about like the history of the company, and I remember them talking about the Davy Crockett craze, like this was one of the first times besides the whole Mickey Mouse craze with merchandise. This was like the next big craze with the frozen of fifty. Five kind of was like from more like the Moana now because. Yeah. So it was. It was crazy everybody wanted to consume hat. We still sell them in frontierland. I don't work anymore. I don't know why that we base still sell them in frontierland. And if he actually, if you go to Disney land, you can go on the canoes didn't do that. I know we'll have to do it. So the success of the film prompted Disney to create a sequel. However, Davy Crockett dies at the Alamo. So does need decides to do prequel movies which Timms actually on this next episode with us as well. Davy Crockett in the river pirates. Consisted of the final two episodes of the TV series. Does need like this is popular. How do I get this back? He died. I know. I wonder if like after it was so popular, he kind of regretted that on being. Oh, shoot. What else could I have done with his story? But it's a good idea to do prequels. I mean. Also debuts real dude. So he was he was doing his thing and like kindness stick in the history cannot only mean what Disney. Is not gonna. Tyne relief at the Alamo. Technically, you don't see him dies. So he could've just swung it. But you can, you know, that was what it meant at the end when they had the Texas flag. And yeah, for sure. The song when you don't forget about the Alamo, you're like, oh, shoot on, yeah. Yeah. This actually a really good movie though. Yeah, enjoyed advise. I haven't seen it since I was a kid. It'd been a long time. I can see why people would have a craze about it because it's unlike the other historical kind of things that Tamar venturous more. I feel more real. Yeah. Like Davy the way that they portrayed Davy earn any? No. Obviously that could have really been how he was. He was just a very real character like it's this nobody guy who is really good, who happens to be really good at fighting volunteers, him and his friend volunteer to go into the war there, amazing what they do. And then he kind of turns into this politician that is like for the people, you know, and he's just a very likable guy because I think a lot of people can relate to him like, oh, this just this guy, who's you know, had a fan. Family lost his wife and is just trying to like make a name for himself. And I think that it just like attracted people to like him in in because of that, it attracted people to like TV series too close. Like when you look at the other legends, like Robin Hood or ROY, I dunno like this one just had like a different humor to it wasn't just like dried history. There was like, yeah, like David hammer personnel. He was Vissen. This was American. I think that's another thing to Robin Hood and rob ROY. Those were based in the UK based off history from the UK that people probably didn't really learn a lot about. I think we talked about that in Robin Hood. Maybe I can't remember what movie we discussed that in one of our guests brought it up news like, you know. These movies probably didn't do very well because people didn't necessarily have the means to learn that history, knowing understand the story. Whereas if you were watching the story now we have the internet at our fingertips. We can be like, who is this character ruin it? So we Google the name and it comes up really? Okay. I understand what's going on now. Whereas with Davy Crockett first of all, it was a TV series. So there's a lot more information people were getting, which I think was helpful in the beginning..

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