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Have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. did I tell you that Dr Kelly was trying to take the cake for TSA one time dear why in the server he couldn't so here was their excuse she was traveling home for thanksgiving okay and she brought it was either like up pumpkin pie pumpkin cheesecake something along those lines so she had that she had cannoli okay and they said well the ricotta cheese and the cheese cake filling is technically a liquid so therefore I'm not gonna let you come on take it on the plate so ridiculous and she said you mother app for just one cake so you can eat it feels well I can't have it neither can you and she took it to the trash right that is brilliant I once had some perfume that I bought those expensive a long time ago and they made me take it out and I should a smashed on the floor for you guys just got into it all about thanks. the morning drive with John Phillips and Julian barberry morning six to ten eighty seven ninety day ABC. right. seven nine days. welcome back to. they live. doctors probably off Cruisin somewhere I don't even hours. it is to hold a drink with an umbrella and an ice I made a lot of experience yeah yeah I mean that like the curls yeah the Kerr. who's been working out very hard..

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