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The free bob and sherry app. If you are gonna be flying in the near future, whether it's for the holidays or once we all get back to work after the first of the year for business, you're gonna wanna hear what some flight attendants are saying, some tricks to enjoying it better and what they're thinking about you. That is in just a moment. But first, we've got some exciting bob and sherry news, right Cher. We do. We have a brand new product in the bobbin sherry store, just in time for all of your holiday gift giving needs. It's a coloring book for grown-ups called it's always something and to kick it off. We're having a contest. You can go to our website, BOB, a and D SH ERI dot com. Click on the contest tab, we've got a coloring page. You can download the image, color it in. And you could win not just a copy of our brand new coloring book. You could win a $100 Visa gift card. So grab your crayons or your markers and get busy at BOB, AND, SHE, RI dot com. And when you visit the bob and sherry store through the end of the month, we have discounts on purchases. Like you can save up to 15% on all of your holiday shopping needs at bob and sherry dot com. Okay, I saw this on CNN dot com. A bunch of airline flight attendants got together and they're giving tips. What is the best time for flying? The best time for flying is as early in the morning as you can get. I'm talking about after 6 a.m., but as early in the morning as you can get. And the reason for that is, especially this time of the year, weather comes in. So if you're delayed a little bit, I'll say you had an 8 o'clock flight. You're still probably going to get to where you're going. But if you had a 4 o'clock in the afternoon flight, then it becomes a little bit dicey. And you know, you may not get there. And it shut down and you're coming back the next day. What's the best way to beat lag? The best way is if you are in a place for less than 24 hours, try to stay on the same time zone that you were in before, drink a lot of water and eat nutritious food, not a lot of chunk food. Can passengers swap seats on a plane. If they both agree flight attendants generally just turn their back on the whole thing. And so yeah, you can go ahead and do it, but they don't like it. The airline does not like it. Who has the right to the middle armrest? There are three seats you're in the middle, you got somebody on either side. So you've got two armrests there, who gets the arm rest, the extra armrest. The flight attendants. I can tell you it's not me. It's the person in the middle. It's the person in the middle who should get it, and I agree, because that is the most miserable place to be on a flight. I think we all can agree. Should the window blinds be kept open or closed? that I am very particular about flight attendants say, if it's in the daytime, keep it open, if it's at nighttime close it. Because there are still are going to be some, I guess, light coming in from somewhere. I don't like it when the person next to me, if I'm in the middle seat closes the window and it's in the daytime, and just wants to doze off with the window closed. I want to see. That make you feel claustrophobic. It does. I want to see the wing and I want to see the ground if that is at all possible. Approaching. No, I don't want to see that situation. How do they deal with nervous fliers? They just talk to them and say the likelihood of anything going wrong is beyond slight. Even when there are bumps, everything is repetition in all of the safety features of a plane redundancy they call it. So you shouldn't worry about it. But this one flight attendant was interesting said, when I'm working and we get turbulence, I don't think twice about it because I'm doing stuff, but if I am a regular passenger and there's turbulence, I get a little bit nervous just like everybody else. Even though she knows all of these things and the redundancy in all of that, she still, I don't know, nothing to do, not in control. I'm not sure. If there is someone who is sick, do you ever go on and say, is there a doctor on the plane? The answer is no. Because they're trained with certain precautions, and they have some medicines. And they can radio ahead asking for help from someone on ground. But if there is a doctor, they will not say don't come over. Sometimes a doctor will be on a plane and not identify his self or herself. Because I think that's probably insurance. I feel like we've had incidents just in the past couple of years in the news where medical people on flights have been asked for help. It happens. It happens. But they never turn on they never turn on the thing and say, is there a doctor on board? They don't do that. If they do, it's random. And finally, do you have codes you use to refer to passengers, and they do, and the most used code just between flight attendants is he's a bob. Yeah. Best on board. And that does not refer to the way your behaving. It refers to because it's just a bit of fun. The way you look. Somebody. I don't know how you've controlled yourself to wait this long in the show. I just found out to be the best stop board. This found out why he did this entire bit. I know. I know it was actually kind of lame. That was the one reason I wanted to do it. Yeah. You know what though bob? Don't apologize. Because it took you an hour and a half. You showed me straight for an hour. Thank you. Thank you. Before you wanted to be the best on board. Best on board. Best on board, everybody. All right, coming up, an absolutely hilarious and horrifying Christmas legend of scary kids with. It's bob and chair. The father and sherry store is crowded with all kinds of great merchandise. It's always something including the new it's always something coloring book. But it's always something. A coloring book. For exhausted adults. Plus sherry's cookbook cooking with cats, the book of 5. I know I'm a blow her. He is a double blowhard. Mixes from the skunk goddess. Mother of all mothers merch, and much, much more. Come check out the bobbin sherry store, conveniently located on the shop tab at bob and cherry dot com. Sign up for our newsletter, we never spam you. Never did get bobbin cherry exclusives just go to bob and sherry dot com. It's another exciting episode of things bob didn't know. I am still fascinated with history at a World War

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