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O. T. long three off the rim no good rebound goes to U. C. F. knights can take the lead with one ten left in double O. T. Tony Johnson doubles past the time line Williams picks him up topic he Johnson Dr running shot finger roll sedan with one oh three left in double O. T. it is close right by key for me what is where the perimeter defense twenty one for Tony Johnson Cincinnati down by one year Scott at the free throw line passes backward for jailing tumbling drives pizza to the low block Pete Williams puts up exotic short gets his own rebound short again and loses the ball out of bounds with forty point nine seconds left in double O. T. and the Bearcats down by one take a look at it but man there's a lot of contact all these shots and not only that dumb down by German what about the dog if it was Chris vote okay that's hoping it was knocked out by malign instead of Pete Williams we've seen a couple rebounds but nothing or a couple of replace rather nothing definitive yet the lan swung at it but it looks like it's awful at hand he three acted as if it was awful yeah yeah based on his reaction I think the officials got it right eighty six eighty five you see yeah where does it lead for most of double O. T. UCF soft answer with four straight all scored by Tony Johnson so the cavs got to get a stop here defensively that's gonna be awfully Keith it is UCF's ball we have a ten second difference between the clocks you've got to think UCF will try to take some time off the clock before trying to dribble drive not been able to stay in front of their man whether it's been Johnson or may ha may hand and these double drives to the whole well this is a depressing unit for the cats to see if they can get a turnover well I will look to throw it against the full court pressure in bounds for Tony Johnson here comes a double T. trapped in the corner Johnson calls a time out you see I've had one last but the good thing Dan is the ball is still at the link to the court so they have to take it out once again and this is what the problem is they're cutting out everybody gets on everybody leave at the UC is using to guide the double and one got to play center field to sort of read his shoulders whatever solar turns that's the side just lie to also only have six seconds to get it passed center court since they took four seconds off the clock when the inbound it into the corner you always want to read the eyes of the guy who's in the trash so you want to travel to participate as a one protect so when the guy turned left and he's looking you're not going to know look past what is the address for readers oz a slide that way if you tip it's in turn the other way adjust your defenses by back into you see up eighty six Cincinnati eighty five thirty six point five left in double oh he each team in the double bonus Cincinnati as one time out left UCF has zero possession arrow favors the night if we have a tie I like to fight Adam what's out there you see a photo ID into the sideline in the back porch a past center court in six seconds the inbound for Johnson he's double T. at the time of the ball with thirty one point nine to go they're gonna look if you this is a flagrant foul they're going to look to see if it's a flagrant the elbow and into the head of Mike Adams what I thought there was a tie up to this three Scott had both hands on the ball right here there close and that was not a cylinder file because he was not in the same area he stepped in it went towards Michael so you can't say if the cylinder because he wasn't in the he wasn't invading his space he turns one he was white the ball but while he was doing that he connects to the face of Mike Adams what this is going to be a huge call if it's a flagrant one Cincinnati shoots free throws handed gets the ball with thirty one point nine left in double overtime trailing by one yeah this is Kate without I would think they would take their time to come with the decision here because this is the game winner would least gives you the chance to close out Terry Oglesby is asking Patrick Evans what do you think now they will bring in the third official Randy hi amber man and he will look at the monitor Terry Oglesby is our lead official can he is seeking second and third opinions before making this crucial call thirty one point nine left in double overtime a one point nine second difference between the game clock in shot pocket will be Cincinnati's ball but will it be a flagrant one it would send the Bearcats the line trailing by one in double O. T. the officials now huddling up try to make sure that they agree on this crucial double overtime call so there's a ticket on the side but even ruled yeah well you're going over to T. V. to alert them of the call now the officials are walking over the head coaches it's gonna be a flagrant one did you also know later are you sure based on the reaction of UCF UCF players are very unhappy well the the common flowers not sure why you see have reacted the way that they pretty obvious who was going to be a fall on you see out also to be Cincinnati's ball down by one thirty one point nine left in the second overtime the following reasons Tony Johnson is there that they didn't tell the official scores Aaron doubling will throw it in from the sideline in the front door June as twenty one points Trayvon Scott has twenty two along with twenty one rebounds Sheridan Dr Mike Adams what to give that back public out near center court twenty six seconds let.

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