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And paycheck the paycheck two hundred three hundred dollars is tim good money and you are grateful for it are the democrats taking a risk especially those from trump states it's those ten there's ten democrats up next year from trump this is this are they solid here or is this a bet that's the lowest level of people that are at the poverty line the should be got the trump wanted to gone but we're talking middleclass two thousand four thousand fighters nausea the tax credits for kids now you're would that up to eight ten thousand adult together somebody making sixty seventy thousand dollars year is now going to be paying like five thousand six thousand dollars than 20000 i mean it's i'll look at the numbers this is huge and it is it the tax cut that show good it's that it creates jobs and then gets the ball rolling just like you've done we're not government finance we're not corporate finance we don't have corporate sponsors we have you buying good products that we want you to loves the best out there water filters air filters we shouldn't storewide rebel foods that percent off we never do that because times a year to some some alcohol silver the real red bill now and find out what it does for stamina focus blaine body it's truly amazing about the real red bill find out about all the great products michaels the edf has been held up for six months and i guess a truck came out of it finally got a grip on monday he goes hey michael here's his back weren't you promote us an income in i checked with us a few miles off and guess what it's all there unlimited supply only a few thousand bottles ruin your michaels he actually present discount it's got a one hundred percent would reorder four point eight star reviews infowars live dot com want to flush that funds.

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