Darrell, President Trump, Obamacare discussed on Michael Medved


Past four darrell really incentivizing people we're going to bring back probably four trillion dollars from overseas nobody knows the exact number but it's massive it'll be over three three did it could be five through did but it's a tremendous amount of money that was florida overseas okay this is all valid and then there's something else that this bill does that is very important it had involves obamacare uh uh the uh the president speaks about the obamacare mandate but he also uh praises corporations and very unpopular provisioned as you know obamacare essentially i think it ultimately leads to the end of obamacare it's centrally i think obamacare's is over because of that and we're to come up with something that's really going to be that but the individual mandate was very unfair because you basically saying paid for something in order not to have to get health figure pain your pain not to have to have now it was very unfair many people thought it should have been overturned to the supreme court didn't quite make it almost but didn't quite make it but now we're overturning the individual mandate most unpopular thing in obamacare very very unfair and then he does give praise for corporation one of the big things that happened you have some great companies i want to thank at t keo actually was the first out of the box and boeing and said claire and wells fargo and comcast even though they own nbc which is not so nice did a presidency or the president but comp caring also they all have made tremendous contributions to their employees and tremendous contributions to spending money of this country because of the tax bill and they all said that it's because of the tax bills so they're making tremendous adjustments that means jobs and the president continues and these lines it's working it's different what changed what enabled this victory to transform a presidency we'll talk about that with stephen more economist one of the architects of this tax reform joining us live on the medved show.

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