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Good afternoon. It is five o'clock. I'm Pamela furr. With your top stories the city of Nashville and the police officer accused of shooting Daniel Hambrecht to death are being sued by Hamburg's family for thirty million dollars. Seventeen says the wrongful death lawsuit was filed this morning in US district accord in Nashville, the families, basically claiming that Hamburg was killed because he is black lawsuit lists that claim that some Nashville police officers referred to black citizens has thugs then referred to midtown as Baghdad Ken Weaver. WTN new metro police have responded to the lawsuit saying in a statement, the department takes strong issue with his inflammatory attack on the department as a whole our officers and our training academy. You want to see the entire statement? Just go to our social media pages. Democrat Bill Freeman says he will not run for Nashville mayor in the August first election. He was considered by many, the only potential candidates strong enough to beat incumbent. David Briley Freeman. Ran for mayor once before he lost to make berry. He says he's not running for personal reasons. And it was the hardest decision to not run. Ethiopian state media reports the black box from Sunday's doomed Boeing seven three seven max aid has been found. The opium airlines flight crashed just minutes after takeoff from the capital killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. Eight Americans on board that flight and by the way, one student from east Tennessee State university as well. Now to Capitol Hill. President Trump's reported comment that Democrats hate Jewish people as relayed by donors at a closed fundraiser at mar Largo or mar-a-lago that is stirring things up in Washington. The president accused Democrats are being anti Jewish and anti Israel Friday when leaving for more a long ago, but hours later, the axios political website reports, Mr. Trump told a fundraising audience, the Democrats hate Jewish people press secretary, Sarah Sanders, Kelly Democrats. Jewish people had a lot of opportunities over the last few weeks to condemn so comments, the president laid out clearly his position on this matter. Democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn specific comments that have refused to do that house. Democrats could not agree on a resolution criticising freshman Ilan, Omar for anti semitic remarks..

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