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Write a few questions for you. It's spring to the audience. Maybe about the economics of alcohol still I mean for fifty dollars worth of gasoline. You could still up maybe eight dollars ten dollars per sack of sugar, maybe the benefits an economics of it. Well. Sure. How do you feel about the FDA station that they took after the farmville was signed with the CBD being a drug or is that pretty much settled? Did you could also you see vis a nutritional supplement? Okay. Well, I can to you know, when it comes to the economics of making alcohol in my book, we go over that in detail where you can see exactly how we figure that out. And again, discharges mentioned the books alcohol can be a guess, it's probably at your library. She can look at it. There. And what we show is that if you're using a waste product like well, for instance, I'm using apple pulp from a local, apple juice company. You know, they squeeze it somewhat to get the juice. I take the pulp left over and I make alcohol from the sugar in that. And when I do that, I don't have a price I'm paying for for that actually get paid a little bit to take it away. No. When I make the alcohol from that, my costs only thirty four cents a gallon. That's all in labor cost of my equipment supplies, that's cheaper than the big oil companies. Oh, I'm waiting for them. Big oil. You know, that's that's the the the thing about alcohol. It's like you can do the right thing and not pay more to do it. You know, when you put it in your car, so thirty four cents a gallon. Well, that means for fuel. I make a pretty nice return on investment without the tax credits, which are also in their which can actually make it even cheaper. But you can't count on those every government changes. I'm and you know, you don't really need tax credits. But the oil companies should get them. They get five dollars a gallon tax credits for gasoline. Now the other question about drugs or supplements. Yeah. You know, it's tricky because the industry really wants to be respected that I'm. I'm talking about the Kannada industry, and.

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