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Get over the metal barriers. Don't care like one of those japanese like those fucking twenty four core sushi things that they do where you literally sit there like four hours. They bring you out sushi one by one. That would be great. I fucking love. Sushi wrote village. That you there's fucking sushi everywhere. I think by all high these cells sushi walmart said enough and be. It's not gray. Abuse probably isn't terrible. Bet the best solution the. Us would probably be somewhere l. Air new york is japanese. Don't they have like a pretty big Urged in the world. They might have some really good. I feel like san francisco and area would have some of the best. Freshest fish out there one of the worst places have ever had fish in thought of now i wanna go with. May we tried lobster. So in louisiana like other famous for their for their Like trump boys superficial shrimp down. South is great. The i lived in orange beach alabama for like three months not all i was fucking shrimp and crab in group or fried grouper Fish grow so good red grouper fries. Good bucking lettuce tomato man as did. It's fucking my mouth is water. you're not gandhi. I'm pays none of chili cheese. Dogs you gotta make him reverse style you got some really hot. Probably keeps the put a little more cheese on top of it. You're gone alexander. The raw bush if they were gonna go ahead and wrap this one up for tonight against reynolds Thank you everyone for tuning in every Love talk we'll be back next time..

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