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With cancer will all touch on the latest government guidance and what it means in practice for people living with cancer. If you are asked to attend an appointment, please do keep it and feel confident in doing so we'll also be hearing some updates from Mandy things that keep you connected with people. It's not the same as in person, but it is a good substitute if these are your circumstances now, we know that these recent changes page. Make some people feel very anxious and worried. Please have a listing back to episode 2 of the podcast if you're looking for some guidance and helpful tips about managing your mental health during the pandemic. We're McMillan and we're kicking cancer Rosie and Mark welcome back lovely to have you with us now as in the other episodes we've recorded. I'm going to time stamp this and we're recording this on the 23rd of October 2020 and all the information that we talked about is correct at the time of recording in episode one we discussed what people can do if they're struggling with the new often virtue of two ways of interacting with GPS Specialists and Healthcare professionals, the millions support line team are still receiving some calls about this. So I'd recommend that anyone worried about that particular issue liquid back to episode one for more information loads of great advice there. However, for some people physical appointments and treatments in hospitals GP surgeries and pharmacies are going ahead but Standardly people may be feeling very anxious about the safety of this while covid-19 is still very much present Rosie what precautions are in place in hospitals and Health Care settings at the moment and how are they making these environments as safe as they possibly can for patients? Yeah. Thanks emigrate to be back. Thank you very much. And as you say we talked about some aspects of this last time obviously, it's totally natural to worry about going for appointments. All of us are anxious at the best of times where when doing this but of course now, there's all the added concerns and Logistics on top of that but you know, he was telling me that actually they're really reassured by all the precautions that they see once they arrive. So again last time we did talk about that shift from not quite so many face-to-face appointments and some telephone or video. So that does actually help because that means there are actually less people going through the hospital and of course when you get there, you'll might have a timed entry you might be asked to log In your vehicle until your appointment time and some places are even giving page or alerts out. I know one of our McMillan information centers that same close to one of the hospitals. In fact, right next door. They've opened up their car park to allow people to part there and indeed if you aren't traveling by car, they're also allowing people to wait inside and the hospitals just buzzing straight across when they're ready for the patient off. And of course, there's all the cleanliness precautions Jetta at the doors PPE and for the staff in particular and then the red and green channels in the hospital so areas where cancer patients would be kept well away from potential infection risk and deep cleaning is just going on relentlessly. So I suppose I'd say there are so many precautions in place. The most important thing is that if you are asked to attend an appointment, please do keep it and feel confident in doing so and one last thing just following up on some of the conversation we had last time about the challenges of not being dead. Take someone to your appoint. Yes. Yes. Some of that is lightning up a little bit in some particular circumstances not across the board, but it it's really important so do ask because it might actually be possible that you can take someone to some of your appointments actually from a personal perspective a friend of mine one for her yearly check-up post treatment for breast cancer yesterday and the situation about taking a couple had changed so so she was able to take somebody with her not all the way. That's great. You make sure you ask. Yeah. Absolutely you did just touch on that lightly not everybody is able to be picked up from the front doorstep and dropped at the at the door of the hospital her many people public transports. The only way they're going to get to these appointments and that has its own level of risk and its own level of anxiety as well. What steps can patients take to ensure they are traveling safely themselves really understandable that you're going to be worrying about this and actually you might be worrying about it and feel I really can't bother people. Hospital or my health care teams to talk about this but actually you absolutely should it may well be that there are options that they can do to modify something simple like Changing Times of appointments. So you're not traveling that busy times and might be able to actually organize things so that for example a blood test might be closer to home. So so please do ask if there are any options to explore if you do have to travel then definitely follow the guidelines travel in a bubble where possible if you've got to travel in a taxi, for example where a mass can open the window and not follow the guidelines which you will find online and I know also that some of our McMillan information centers have been linking locally to see what transport services are available. So again, just whereas to assist with this if you're worrying about this ask there's so much talk of what's online and there's so much information online and I know for for some people who maybe don't have access to computers job Or a little bit older and there are people on the end of a phone on there at the hospitals at appointments that and people are willing to talk and explain through the processes that you might have to that. You might expect them very definitely again. I can only reiterate that on that men and support line. Is there also and we'll be able to answer these queries a direct you to any of our local services. So absolutely people are available at the edge of a phone be that your health care team or indeed the mcmillans support line. So absolutely you don't have to go online that there will be someone at the end of a telephone line. And so please pick up the phone and asked I think you know, when you have a cancer diagnosis, it's again creating levels of anxiety. Very basically though. How does the shielding measure that one place in lockdown Mary with these the the new three-tier system that's been introduced by the government recently. So, I think the most important thing is that you do need to check the local restrictions and guidelines. For your area and if you've got any specific concerns about this, then do check in again with your health care team. They might be able to advise about any adjustments and be able to reassure you about precautions. We are advised that there will be a letter coming from the government to people who are on the extremely vulnerable list and to explain to them what advice they need to take and that length is is immanent but I think it's really important at the moment with the rapid change. We're seeing and different geographical areas that you make sure that you're up to date on what the local advice is Margaret. Yes, Rosie mentioned obviously for pharmacies across the UK the changing restrictions and tear system is meaning that you guys as well having to be quite reactive quickly to to make the experience of being able to get along bonuses or access to information from you guys available quickly and safely. Yes. I am I Rosie it is confusing isn't it? And t as in England firebreaks lockdowns in in school? Northern Ireland and Wales. It is very important that you stay close to the local guidance and guidance on travel but for pharmacies are open as as they have been all along through this pandemic and and we continue to be open for advice and you can access your medication and there are rules and support on on doing that. So so feel free not only need to access them physically on the High Street, but also ring ahead and to Rosie's point, you know pharmacies are available to advise. If you have any questions on on how to access medicine or get them delivered or how to help order your prescription with your GP too. Lovely. Thank you. If there was one starting point that people can go to what's your advice about.

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