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One ball mercury one dot org slash m. one ball all right. We had the Eric holder. Let's let's start the Eric holder thing from the beginning because he had a lot to say to the breakfast club convinced that the Democrats are going winning twenty twenty. I'm not I'm convinced but I'm GonNa work like hell to make sure that it happened in Malaysia. Security bill gets passed. I'm not convinced it's GonNa be hard because the reality -ality is that Republicans are going to cheat gotta keep people away from the polls the polling places they're going to do a whole variety the move bowling alleys and we had a voting rights act was intact and the Justice Department was concerned about it we could we don't have those tools nails pared for uh-huh a tough fight but it's it's a fight that we can win. You know I think that's I think people shouldn't be so discouraged. There's not a time for despair this even though you're fear mongering and I think if you keep that is the way in which you conduct yourself. We can win this fight but we have time to lay down. Forget it. I'm just not but like we talked about earlier. We have to make people aware of what they're up against. You really do because to be passed absolutely terrible. We're going to finally get one like McConnell's. DONALD IS GONNA allow vote in the Senate and trump will sign it. It's necessary. It should have been in place for second. Wait a minute McConnell. The Evil Bastard Republican is going to allow the vote and the horrible despicable president is going to sign the bill one that you support support wait. How are they going to continue to cheat them the way they have been the way you just described. They're gonNA move polling places so you can't even and find him. I mean this guy was the perceived setting law enforcement guy in the nation. Yes despicable guy. I just can't stand Eric holder. I I dislike him. Don't hate him. WanNa make that clear. I don't hate anybody but I do dislike him with all the intensity of a billion. Wahad burning sons that's all. That's a lot of dislike going on there but it's not hate. At least it's not no. It's definitely not all agree with you. It is a lot of dislike but it's it's not hey all right. Let's hear the rest of this got another prediction. I assume trump will sign it. It's necessary. It should have been in place a long time. Ago should have been placed Manga months together and you know if trump trump trump doesn't wanNA leave the White House because if you leave the White House he's probably going to end up in jail. Don't you know he's GonNa fight like hell to not leave the White House. That's interesting. You Know Bill. Marr once said that trump is not. GonNa Leave and I thought oh you leave. I thought to myself that's ridiculous but as I thought about it. I'm thinking you know this guy with Roland norms that he knew right stay I think he loses and then it'll be interesting between say November and January when he would have to start packing a wonderfully pardon himself room trying to do that. Will he do that. We used powered. No one's ever done that. I don't think you can do that but no one's ever even thought about doing something something like that so we'll he. Pardon people good question though are never had no one's ever. That's something that off the table. Come right yeah. I wouldn't either 'cause man. You just never know. I bet he doesn't even leave office doing gosh when people were saying that about about Obama. They went absolutely bat crap crazy Z. over it. Oh you conspiracy theorist and by the way we never said Obama was not gonNA leave office if he was if he lost or if his term arm ended and look what look at the things that they're saying about Donald Trump then just gone stark raving crazy yeah remember there was a time where Eric Holder was considering a twenty twenty run that would have been fun wouldn't think cory booker is bad. This guy is worse Jason Booker Yeah. There's a lot of hatred there and let's not forget he is the he's the one behind the fast and furious thing the he's the one well. He's the one that's sold the guns to Mexico pathetic and then they blamed Bush for it just unbelievable stuff unbelievable. Ah Let's be clear I I know that you just the word choice there. He didn't sell guns to Mexico He. The federal government gave weapons to gun dealers along the border to drug cartels. Ronald weaken track Ram across the border. Yes shut up. That's an important clarification because selling guns to Mexico so if your government to government you know that that wouldn't be such a bad thing when you're giving them to the drug dealers and just a reminder those guns ended ended up killing killing border agent and then also ended up the Perez shirt right so track those guns Eric Amazing amazing and nobody nobody ever talks about that. You never hear about that. In the mainstream media meanwhile retreated to leave who's also also just a delightful delightful Democrat. She told Detroit's police chief he should use. Only black people as analysts for the city's is fiscal recognition system because white people quote think african-americans all look the same unquote. Wow you talk about racism my goodness. That's a racist statement right there to lump all white people into that category so so despicable she made the suggestion during a tour of Detroit's real time crime center which will utilize facial recognition software analysts need to be African Americans not people that are not she said I think non African Americans think African Americans all look the same. I've seen it even on the House floor. People Call Elijah Cummings John Lewis John Lewis Allies. Your company Cummings then they're totally different. People uh-huh wow really who who did that Rashida. I'd like to know who did that and I'd. I'd like to know if that's ever happened to white people where they've been called the wrong name certainly not what I'm sure that's not and it's only because you thought that all white people look the same as what you mix them up cheese. Who did she say it was coming in who comings and Louis US okay I trust people who are trained regardless of race according to the police chief thank goodness. It's about the training he said later the police chief expressed outrage over to leaps comments and suggestion that analysts competency comedy extends only toward one race said it's insulting yeah thank you we have a diverse group of crime analyst and what she said that non whites should not work in that capacity because they. I think all black people look alike is a slap in the face to all men and women in the Crime Center Yup to Lebron's offered a tour of the center after she criticized the Police Department saying the agency should probably rethink this whole facial recognition. Bs Actually said the word of course when questioned by a reporter if she believes white people are not not qualified. She said I think there has actually been studies out that it's hard for African. Americans would identify identify African Americans or Latinos same thing. She thinks there's been studies out. That's all she is so bad. She's she's wretched and obviously a racist obviously mean there's a words to describe how reprehensible she is plus she she loves to promote these hoax not only to promote racism in lumping all white people together into the same category. She also likes to promote coaxes. She's promoted at least four racially charged hoaxes or debunked stories on twitter and failed to issue any statements retracting or correcting never held accountable in fact she just did this with with the Maury. Laurie Allen our Mari Allen is the twelve year old girl who made up the story about the three white boys that they held her down and cut her hair while they were calling her just vile despicable names. So of of course everybody was up in arms over that all pissed off about it and then it turned out. Guess what Amari Allen. One made the story up. Oh it wasn't Karen pins. Mike Pence's why now was in charge of that since she teaches part time at that school node was it's not okay for something wrong. Then retreated to leave tweeted out to Your Beautiful Amari Ellen. You are courageous and strong. You are loved that that could be true. She's also a little liar who made up a little fairy tale about three white kids. What about them. You're going to tweet out about them or are you going to express any sympathy toward the three white. Kids wrongly accused there's more on this story to on the the little black girl and a local reporter that I pushed the story down the throats of Americans that reporter also so was promoting her family's natural cosmetics company just the day before she made this weird accusations. This is a strange story. Amaury Allen told her family that three white boys held on playground called her hair nappy allen also said the boys called her ugly and an attention seeker. If you know anything about three twelve year old white boys they use the term arm attention seeker all the time you little attention seeker part of the preteen. I don't know how many times I call people attention seekers acres when I was twelve. I mean almost almost all day every day. From that mistake now earlier that day channel nine reporter McKee Turner tweeted five five times about the Crown Act or natural hair bill that she was pushing which advocated that the natch I I don't even central hair gagged. Look look at what that advocates for the crowd act or natural hair bill something about protecting people's hair products because something to that effect in California -fornia. Is that Right Round Act. Maybe let's see just became the California became the first State to ban discrimination in against natural hair. The women share their thoughts on what passage of the Crown Act will change for black women women of color yes so she's trying to get this reporter is is on this quest to get it passed in Maryland K. because that's where that's where she is and she's trailblazer for the for the natural hair bill which I don't know what what is your natural hair have to be protective. We'll passed in July the Crown Act of California stands as for creating a respectful and open workplace and it will ensure protection against discrimination in the workplace in schools based on hairstyles by prohibiting employers from enforcing brightly okay so if you have dreadlocks. They can't make you change your hair statue right okay so I wanted to be like California..

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