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For Jack Harris with Erin shafts and Natalie and joining us on the hot line right now NBC news radio reporter bills in for bill how are you I'm doing great right good morning so what can we expect this week god only knows right I mean every week it's something new yeah who knows incident was on vacation for ten days in New Jersey in those ten days proved to be a hectic one and and now the president is jumping right back into the phrase back in Washington and even though we have Congress on the summer recess there are give that debate is going on even though they're scattered around the country and tops on the list these days of course is gun control after the recent shooting incidents some lawmakers are now saying that the Senate should come back to Washington to take up to house passed measures that were passed earlier this year having to do with strengthening background checks are enhancing background checks unlikely that the Senate is going to come back but now we understand the house Judiciary Committee is going to come back about a week or early to start working on a gun control legislation things having to do with banning high capacity magazines things like that but again you got to wonder is this one of these issues that it kinda like immigration everybody agrees that something has to be done but nobody can agree on how to go about doing it so this is a debate that is continuing and now we have a report from Axios that says that September will be the big part yeah and if nothing is done in September don't look for anything to be done before the twenty twenty election one of the issues here it's really hard to get out a good idea as to what the president would agree to he's been pretty vague and what he's looking for in terms of any potential gun control legislation and this is nothing new I mean this has happened before with the president where even Republicans have come to him with proposals that dead they thought he would be of going along with and it turns out he did not so one thing he has mentioned is he wants to increase the mental illness aspect of background checks he's talked about that but nobody sure exactly where we want to go on this one thing the president you will never hear him mention is universal background checks which would require all firearm trans actions to go through a federal licensing system in the national instant criminal background check system so yeah there there are some things here that are still rather vague nobody's quite sure exactly what could go to the president's desk and actually get a signature bill I was perusing through Zillow over the weekend and I was looking for the listing agent on Greenland couldn't find anything did we find out who that agent was and what the price tag is not no we we haven't yet dot and it's but Hey if you're the president and your real estate guy Aaron it's you're saying that everything is for sale for the right price right he calls is nothing more than a big real estate deal I think it would be something more than that but does this through chuckles from a lot of people the president's idea by Greenland but when you look at it if you could do it which I don't think you can but if you could do it wouldn't be a bad move strategic location between North America and Russia also you'll have access to an increasing arctic the availability the resources they're becoming available because of the ice receding there a northern shipping route opening up so it may be wouldn't be a bad idea but this is not the eighteen hundreds when you can buy Alaska or make the Louisiana Purchase it's not even nineteen forty six when Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland for a hundred million in gold band and they the world was kind of going through a restructuring after World War two even with Israel well with Germany being divided up so it it's a different day and age so that's why I drew some chuckles here Denmark is saying not for sale but Hey yeah if you're the president everything's for sale right just make him an offer they can't refuse that's right maybe from I I may be throwing right maybe we can flip it maybe we could buy Greenland flip it and sell it off that China something like that is a lot lot.

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