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Dave is an attorney turned historical fiction writer author of multiple amazon bestsellers and boston globe bestsellers including his latest. Which is probably headed in that direction. I think romera roman artifacts in america which is a great fiction story but also is kind of wrapped around this history or this kind of forbidden history. Kinda thing that. There's a lot of evidence. Archaeological findings other historical evidence. Highly suggestive of romans being in america in second century. So this is kind of right up my recent interest in this ancient history. I'm of course interested in where that takes us. In terms of consciousness and spirituality in some of these other things. But i was really really impressed with the with dave's work particularly what he brings as an an attorney. Who's used to kind of sorting through evidence. Translate as sorting through bullshit to get to the truth so i just thought it was a great opportunity and i really enjoyed the bullet which the book by the way you know. Just pull it up another one of those key. Free read on kindle limited now by hit of course by day's buluk. But if you want to read it for free and he did kindle unlimited. You can do that too so Without any further. David brody welcome to skeptical. Thanks so much for joining me. Thanks thank you for the kind words. Thank you for having me. I appreciate so. Tell us more about your background who you are. I'm one of those loss will graduates one of those lawyers who always wanted to be a fiction writer. There's a bunch of us who got as we graduated college pushed off into either lost. Or you go get. Your baskets agree in writing or journalism school. Those are some of the three options. Rain was major. Want to law school. But i'd always wanted to be a writer and over the years. I would sit down on a weekend. Try to do something and finally when my my wife and i settled in we had children..

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