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Came ashore as a hurricane in Louisiana, and by the time it reached the Northeast, it was a tropical storm where the storms heavy rains claim far more lives than its winds, causing nearly 50 deaths in the northeast, mostly due to flooding. Biden says those who deny climate change is affecting whether he'd look no further than people are beginning to realize. This is much, much bigger than anyone was willing to believe, and the whole segment. Of our population, denying this thing called Climate change. President used the visit to again push his $1 trillion plus Infrastructure improvement plan, which is pending in Congress, saying rebuilding is needed to deal with future storms. Louisiana's largest electric utility, meanwhile, is restored power to more than half a million of its customers with the vast majority of New Orleans expected to have power back tomorrow. Stephen Bashar from member station, WBGO reports hundreds of thousands along the Gulf Coast. Though good without power for much of the month. Most people in New Orleans have their lights back on. But some neighborhoods like Venetian Isles will have to wait longer because of how badly they were damaged. Crews are having to use cranes to lift down polls over homes along the Gulf Coast damages it And worse, Some people may have to wait until October to get power restored about 30,000 power poles have been knocked out across the state, more than the number damaged by hurricanes. Delta, Zeta and Katrina combined Energy says customers should not expect the price are paying for electricity to go up. But months from now, Louisiana residents could see steeper power bills when regulators factor in the cost of restoring the grid. For NPR News. I'm Stephen Bass. Aha. The Taliban have formed an interim government in Afghanistan. As NPR's Jackie Northam explains. Among the senior leaders are battle hardened fighters who are core members of the organization. Afghanistan's interim government is made up of the Taliban's old guard. The new leader is Mullah Mohammad Hassan, a kung. He's considered a hardliner from Kandahar and is headed the Taliban's leadership Council for 20 years. The deputy prime minister is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads up the Taliban's political office and was widely expected to become leader. There was no mention about the group's spiritual leader. Nor was there any indication that the new Afghan government would be inclusive involving other political parties and players as the Taliban had hinted, and there was no mention of a woman holding a ministerial role. Jackie Northam. NPR NEWS ISLAMABAD Some technical glitches appear to be causing problems. El Salvador says it is the first country to formally adopt Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is legal tender in its first few hours of adoption, even the country's president admitted problems with the initial rollout. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 269 points. This is NPR. This is 90.9. W. Bur. I'm Jack Lepi Ours in Boston. Medford's Board of Health is unanimously approved an indoor face covering order at its emergency meeting today. Starting Friday, everyone five and older will have to wear face coverings inside all public facilities, including restaurants, offices and houses of worship. The board cited a substantial increase in Covid cases between June and August for the mandate. The Suffolk County DA's Office says there are serious problems with a case that sent a man to prison nearly 50 years ago for a rape. He claims he did not commit. W bur Sally Jar Manning reports. The Da's office thinks Tyrone Clark should get a new trial. The victim in the case says Now she's not sure that her I d of Clark was correct and any evidence that Clark would use to prove his innocence through DNA was lost or destroyed. Clark's attorney, Jeff Harris, says. That leaves Clark with no options because that rape kit or that those medical records don't exist anymore. As the Commonwealth wrote in their motion, it's impossible for Mr Clark to fully prove his innocence. Rachel Rollins says her office will dismiss the case against Clark. If he's granted a new trial that would allow Clark to go free. After 48 years A judge still has to rule for 90.9. W bur. I'm Ali Jar Manning, Massachusetts fire chief say replacing the toxic foams they used to fight. Certain kinds of fires will be a major challenge. The films contain a group of environmentally hazardous chemicals known as P fast. State task forces working with fire officials on ways to take the forms out of service. But some departments say they need more financial support as they search for safety. Safer alternatives. U Mass medical School in Worcester is celebrating the biggest single donation ever made to the U. S. System. $175 million gift from billionaire investor Gerald Chan more than doubles, the school's endowment. Chan says he wants to draw attention to the urgent need to support state schools. Resources available to them lag far behind the resources available to the elite private universities. Notwithstanding the fact that it is the state universities that educate the vast majority of college students in this country, the school will be renamed the UMass Chan Medical School. The head of a climate research organization on Cape Cards, joining the by the administration's new climate and environment division. Philip Duffy, president and executive director of the Wood Well Climate Research center, will serve as senior climate adviser for the White House. In the forecast. It'll be mostly clear skies tonight lows, dropping to the lower sixties on sunshine tomorrow with highs in the low eighties and a chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm late tomorrow night. Right now. 76 degrees in Boston. This is W bur were funded by you, our listeners and by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, supporting those working towards a day when no one has to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table and protecting their health and the health of others are wjbf dot org. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly in Washington and I'm Ailsa Chang in Los Angeles. You have heard a lot about booster shots lately..

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