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In so far as Amazon released a statement that specifically was was against a social injustice. police brutality things like that. Completely understandable that any company would make those types of statements in this environment. Our company made statements to that about black lives matter in the situation. McDonald's did there are a lot of them. However a lot of workers at Amazon have been arguing for years about Amazon actually putting its money where its mouth is as far as taking greater action beyond just making a statement on twitter. About changing its policies in about changing its business practices, Jeff bezos Amazon CEO specifically said. We're GONNA support the government. we're GONNA provide them with the best equipment in the best tools, so my expectation is that they're probably not gonNA roll back their support of. Law Enforcement in this particular situation by It is understandable by. The employees might feel incredibly frustrated that there hasn't been. Action they in related to the actual statements. You right, but how vocal Amazon employees are coming unique case, tech right like facebook really just started seeing its first public. Outcry of from his employs over sort of how things are being handled there, but he talked about how Amazon's will be different than how the there have been a number of protests in groups that have been long established the company. Yeah. This might relate to the fact that Amazon got really big really quickly, and it has a lot of different elements to its workforce. There are more than five hundred thousand Amazon employees. The United States a lot of them are most of them are blue collar workers that are pushing for a better treatment. We've written a lot about concerns about their their treatment in warehouses and things like that, so this is this is not an unknown situation, and it's one that's probably gotten much worse for workers during the pandemic so. It's a little interesting to see facebook. Doing this, because it's been going on at Amazon for a long time, it is worth saying that Google had huge protests related to the metoo movement fairly recently, so it's not completely unique We'll see we'll see where it goes. Beyond that I. Mean Google and Facebook have seen a couple of protests for single issues, but it seems like with Amazon Multiple issues right between climate change between. treatment of warehouse workers now how coronavirus is being handled I mean there's been a lot more protests at Amazon. Right? Absolutely, absolutely, you mentioned two of them. The one that we're talking about related to there were was police is from an organization internal organization called. We won't build it, which is specifically against their work with immigration services with with ice, so yeah, there are a lot of them there are is another organization called whole worker with specifically pushing for better working conditions and unionization of whole foods employees..

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