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In season records dickey coronel told people magazine she thought the suicide ruling was premature and she believes that drugs in his system may have impacted his mental state a garage sale that going hollywood in pontiac michigan motion picture studios is selling hundreds of movie props decorations costumes and art from movies that were china michigan to day garage sale this friday and saturday from ten to four includes items from movies including transformers foreign five batman versus superman and real steal among others the studio property is being purchased by defense contractor williams international for their new headquarters in manufacturing plant and picketers marched outside the arbor hills township landfill to demonstrate their solidarity and desire to make more money wwe gays laura by now tells us why they took to the picket signs they're upset with the company that owns the arbor hill township landfill advance disposal tom scott as a spokesperson with operating engineer local three 24 and he explained their concerns unfair labor practice charges reflect some our the issue employer you feel violate their labour relations there are other issues that we are currently in contract negotiations and be recovered is unwilling to curry fair wages and benefits could miracle who were recurrently other landfill operators a spokesperson with advance disposal says they're negotiating in good faith laura by now w w j newsradio nine fifty wwl news time is 1214 ryan willie's here he's got sports next when smart progressive brings you floetry with flo glen fell clothes she flows in the no mind ruminates the rates shown them all i heed the call seen the rest i choose past some towns it's uh sometimes it's not when the fox walks is it called foxtrot that's a real question compare progressive direct rates with confess creditors rates visit progressive com progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates comparison rates not available in all states or situations prices vary based on how you buy imagine on.

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