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That deadly fire on detroit's seaside was intentionally set the suspect is in custody five people were killed for other sent the hospital in the group home fire at what here and be can steeled it was fueled by strong when this the authorities are still trying to identify all of the dead detroit fire respond that there lately nearly two hundred fire a call she just really in last evening many of them in the ball down the warriors down lived warriors and there are going to be many of them in some of them are you have to be discovered by people hole will be shocked hopefully only shock robbed figured liga speaking not literally because of course people are told the be twenty your twenty five feet away from knows live warriors which could jump and hit you look any time of third first missed pleaded guilty in the beating death of a detroit firefighters david maverick oh was beaten this home in december of twenty fifteen he was targeted by three people for robbery the third person there cole only all pleaded guilty shelby center in sports second degree murder march twenty fourth o'neill was the girlfriend of one of the other to me on sixty year old your born man some self on fire at home on hospital dear born yesterday the duel motive was suicide and the domestic violence incidents while fires raging at various parts of the country became deadly this week in florida texas all for home and colorado thousands of baker's were burn did while fires in kansas or not out of the woods yet we got still dry conditions lotta when kansas governor sam brown back emphasizing the challenges facing officials battling a wild fire that is set a new record for the state a blazing clark and command to county scorching upwards of five hundred thousand acres making at the most widespread single fire in state history the fires ravage in kansas are driven by a perfect storm of low humidity a high winds when driven flames also ravage in colorado destroying property and forcing residents from their homes it's not be something has just over into week.

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