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Laura Quinn which is supposed to be the better of the two it seems to have some good backing we're going to see look governor Cuomo I've we've given him ten thousand units a lot and they're testing it it's a malaria drug it's also a drug for arthritis but it is phenomenal for those two things as you probably know especially from malaria but we're gonna find out soon I hope it works there are signs that it could be doing well they are testing ten thousand units a lot and I tell you what I want to thank the FDA because they approved it immediately based on the fact that it was already out for different purpose the approved immediately so would look hydroxy Laura Quinn is is a very powerful drug for certain things and it's a very successful drug there's reason to believe that it could be successful here now the reason I disagree with you and I think Tony would disagree with me but the reason I disagree with you is that we have a pandemic we have people dying now if we're going to going to labs and test all of this for a long time we contested on people right now who are in serious trouble who are dying if it works we've done a great thing if it doesn't work you know we tried but this is not something that's going to kill people so we can go in and we can test we can take our time when I was with the FDA you know they indicated that will will start working on it right away and it could take a year I said what do many year we have to have it tonight if we don't have it tonight I want to tested immediately because it's on the market in a different form so we know that so from a safety standpoint at least we know that but you're talking about giving it to people who in many cases are dying so we want to do it the way this is sort of like right to try we got right to try approach four forty John for forty four years or more they couldn't get it approved we have the best labs the best actors they couldn't get it I get it approved now if somebody's terminally ill and we think we have something that's going to work we can actually use it they can use it and I'll tell you what you want to do when this is over you got to do a story on that just because we have had some tremendous results before.

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