The last and only student graduates from a remote island school


For a kid on Cutty hug island and Massachusetts going to school here can sometimes feel like solitary thirteen year old when Lynch is the only student in a one room schoolhouse. It's just her and her teacher miss Curvello. You won't find a smaller school anywhere in these United States. Happy Wednesday when his lived on the island her entire life. The were other kids, including her older brother, but everyone else is gone, leaving Gwen to make the most of her solo situation plays, could you play a lot of different parts. New played all the parts Elia to everybody in town. Come pretty update there. Twelve. Twelve that's the year round population of cutting. The place is mostly a summer vacation destination. Now although this week the census. Swelled tenfold. Friends and family flocking to witness, cutting hug elementaries last graduation, ever after today, the school built in eighteen seventy three to teach fishermen kids will close to zero enrollment. That little school went out. They got comedian and actress Jenny slate to do the commencement address. I thought that you would be out here. Churning butter, wearing pinafore Anna who. Next fall when we'll go to a boarding high school on the mainland. I'm so excited even though it's a smaller school, I still not smaller school compared to other high schools, but still that's going to be a huge change to deal with that love it. But really just to see like other people, besides my mother and taller, every single day in my life. She's ready to soar are the boars, she's referencing world weighed in Lexi, their daughter has been asking to leave this island since he was eight those far as they're concerned when had an idyllic childhood, and they're confident someday. She'll appreciate it. I don't know. I didn't think my mother or anything until I was probably twenty five I think all the time now maybe it'll be in the speech today. Here's the hope of you. I don't think he's ready. Then, again, graduations demand reflection, and it's almost impossible to celebrate the opportunities that lie ahead without recognizing often for the first time the opportunities behind thank you for raising me. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for giving me the best beginning child could ask for. Class of lawn. But a message for every pair of every twenty nineteen

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